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Unread post Thu Mar 29, 2018 1:10 am

Hi all,

For the life of me, I could not log back in to my original account and I know most people won't read without 10 or 15 posts. But, anyway, I figured I'd post anyway and give it a shot. Life has been pretty tough for my fiance and I lately. He is going through a custody battle with the grandparents of his kids and they are off their rocker. They're really affecting the kids's minds. I am stressed and tired. I was looking for a reading that could help ease my mind on the outcome.
Or, if you just wanted to stop by and say "it'll be okay". Really, anything would help at this point. Thanks.

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Unread post Thu Mar 29, 2018 3:44 pm

I'm by no means a psychic, but I'd love to give my input to you.

This year is one of transformation, change, and affirmative action. No matter what happens always have positivity and love in your hearts. Everytime you see the kids make sure it's a loving open and positive time no matter how they or anyone acts.

Maybe in this life you might not be in their lives, but always let them know you love them. Send them birthday cards, and support. Maybe once they themselves are older, they'll look back on all the wonderful memories they have of you. Then they will be reaching out too.

My brother chose the dark side of being with his real father's grandparents while he was young. Nasty nasty people. They told him lies and manipulated him. (Let him get obese as a child too) Sadly he committed suicide not too long ago. He did because of all he hate and negativity. Up until the end my mom (his real mother) gave him love and support. I know he knew in his heart she meant well. It sounds similar to your dealings with them off their rocker. Definitely know that feeling lol

Anyways, be strong. You have good intentions and people will see that. Whether it be in custody battles or eyes of others that can help you out. Always think of the Earth and humanity as a whole first, beings children and animals in your care second, then yourself last. My dad taught me that. Good luck !!!

Oh last thing! It's easy to get mad and let go. It's harder to forgive and love. The most nastiest people deserve the most love in life. It's really hard to do, but being the right person in the end is what counts. Especially for the kids.

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Unread post Thu Mar 29, 2018 7:06 pm

I appreciate the response. It’s really a tough situation. The grandmother is trying to live under the illusion that her granddaughter is her recently deceased daughter (mother of the kids), which the granddaughter loves all the attention, and she ignores or verbally abuses her grandson. She has temporary primary custody since she sort of just took them after the funeral. We’re trying to be supportive and positive, but most days of the week they hear that their father is a scumbag, that there’s no way their father will get custody at the hearing, and all these other lies. I’m hoping in the end they’ll be able to recover from this, but they’re definitely going to need a lot of therapy. Even I’m going to need time to recover.

Thank you for the support and I’m sorry about your situation. It’s hard to see people suffer and choose a path that may not be best for them. It’s good he still had a supportive family.

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