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Asking for a reading isn't a certainty that you will receive a reading. Always be polite and respectful towards the reader and please leave feedback after your reading. Asking for multiple reads at the same time is treated as spam and will be deleted.
If you are interested in reading on ABT please read our Readers Agreement.
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My 25 posts are in the old forums :)

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This is Silver. It has been a long time since I have been active however I do meet these requirements and wish to practice. I believe you asked for me to post a bit about myself so here it goes. I prefer to be called Silver. I am a 21 year old female who has realized my abilities last winter. I am able to read through mental photos i receive that represent someones memories and i can feel the emotions within those memories. I am also able to know someones current state. I have experience with remote viewing/astral projection when viewing others. What I wish to gain from reading others is to build interpersonal relationships and help them with their own emotions by making them realize that others truly can share empathy for one another.

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I agree to all above :thumbsup:

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Thank you... I have read the terms and agree to them

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We ask for a Minimum of 25 quality posts on the Forum Boards


Minimum 2 Weeks waiting period after Registration,

Before new Members can offer Readings/PRACTICE in Chat.

Please allow us this short amount of time to get to know you.


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