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:cool: HHSgghn hello hello to you and you are welcome to join us
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I sense a fear of being unprotected and abandoned, and of feeling weak. You don't feel like you are a "catch" and fear that you are not good enough, and not lovable enough to not be cheated on.

I see that desptite your fears and past, you try to be good. You don't want to seem possessive or bad in any way, yet in a way you fear you are anyway.

I can't quite see if you're being cheated on. However, I can sense your fear, and how alone you feel.

Do you have many friends? Either way, it will help you to get closer to an outside-of-this-relationship individual. It may help you step away -- things about yourself and yourself in a relationship become easiest to understand when viewed from one step back :)
was oc :peace:

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Thank you friend, yes you are right, I do feel saddened sometimes, because I feel that I may not have a true love one day, I also recently got laid off of my other job and I have no luck when it does come to jobs, but yes thank you for your understanding.

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You are worthy of success so start to believe in yourself. You are facing testing times which will fade once you learn how to deal with them. When I look into the girl which you are referring to I get a couple hugging and being romantic. I leave the interpretation up to you dear.

I would say to keep yourself busy and be with positive people. :)

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If you are asking the question you already know the answer

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