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Joined: Sat Oct 05, 2019 4:40 am

Sat Oct 05, 2019 6:01 am

[*] pre-civil war house that was around a site of a battle (Perryville)
[*]I saw a man with no head it wasn't gruesome just no head was attached. He was dressed in 1800s formal attire,
[*]I saw a "woman" that was dead on my mom but my mom was asleep I truly think it was demonic
.[*] I saw two huge glowing green eyes about 6 feet off the ground in the middle of a dark room one night.
[*]I had night terrors about the civil war a few times.
[*] I have dreamt of that house since I left its been 11 years and it's since been torn down. A few dreams were very demonic one was a flashback to the 1800s in that house where a dinner party was going on. It was the house originally and wasn't demonic.


Grandmother/my house
[*]a hooded cloaked very pale man with really bad dark circles under his eyes turned around and came face to face with the man.
[*]inaudible whispers.
[*]Game systems turning on by themselves.
[*]Disembodied footsteps
[*]Saw an entity of a young boy from the 60s in that same neighbourhood.
[*]Things physically moved

Friends house
[*]Clear shadow person seen by both
[*]Bad feeling,ill to stomach, orange orb

[*]Horrible future war dream
16- present

[*]Black shadow figures of animals (cats foxes,rabbits)
[*]Horrible detailed dreams about the future
[*]Mesopotamia(?) dream

Grandma/uncles apartment
[*]Pizza box flying from the back of the stove,then trike flying across kitchen followed by loud pop and orange flash (6am-ish)
[*]Woken up multiple times while staying over to anxiety in sleep
[*]"Phantom" dog running at me then disappearing

Girlfriends house
[*] Lights dimming
[*]Name being yelled while alone and asleep
[*]Native american vision/dream
[*]Bad gut feeling
Black orb
Disembodied hand
Blue flashes outside
Airmatress burnt/scratched claw marks
Tv turning on and off by itself for about 30 minutes

People coming to me out of the blue (suicide,work,marriage,mental illness)
Door open and closed by itself.

Misc. (no time frame/all my life

Anxiety bad feeling about certain people/places
Knowledge of people before it revealed to me

These are my experences throughout my life. it isn't extensive though. I want to nurture my gifts and am hoping to find some mentorship somewhere.

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