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New here -- can anyone help me with a tarot reading

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Mon May 13, 2019 1:14 am

Thanks in advance :cheesy: :cheesy:

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Tue May 14, 2019 11:55 pm

Hi Mphann, here is a 3 card reading from my oracle deck :)


This card represents the need for balance and harmony with your inner life, as well as with what's surrounding you in the physical world. This denotes that some lifestyle adjustments are required at this time. It could be associated with love, relationships, business, or even your career. The Balance Card is also being shown to you to make you realize that what you perceive to be happening around you is really an externalization of an inner process or conflict that you may be currently experiencing. This card will often appear if you work in the legal field or when you're involved in law-related matters. Have faith that justice will triumph, as justice and karma go hand in hand. Take only what you've earned, treat people fairly, and don't take advantage of anyone this is all part of living a balanced, karmic life. When determining something, there must be a state of balance emotionally, mentally physically, and spiritually so that you can make rational decisions and logical judgments. This is a time to be honest and caring and responsible for the choices that you've made as well as the ones that will be made in the future.


As a spiritual being, you have unlimited power at your command. This card represents inner strength, willpower, courage, compassion, generosity, and love. At any moment, these beautiful qualities can assist you in coping with an adverse condition in front of you, or the many surrounding your life. Set aside the necessary time to resolve such issues. Power represents more than physical, external strength; it can also be channelled emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. When you have balance over body, mind, and soul and with the power of spirit - anything can be overcome to achieve a positive result. Power and strength can be developed to work in harmony in any given situation. Every obstacle, every error helps build your knowledge and understanding of the world around you. When you make a mistake, it's a chance for you to stop, listen, and ask yourself: What am I supposed to be learning here, and how can I make this situation better? Mistakes are great wake-up calls, in that they provide you with opportunities to discover your weaknesses, what needs to be changed and which areas of your life need improving. Equally, they can be blessings in disguise. Just remember: You are power!


This card reassures you that this is your time to be in the light. No matter what's happening around you, prosperity and bliss are promised. The qualities of this brilliant card are pleasure, happiness, contentment, growth, success, joy, and illumination. The light always brings forth new birth, a constant renewal of life. This is one of the best, if not the most positive, cards in the deck- and it's yours. This is now your moment to shine! The radiance from within will be there for all to see. As people become attracted to the rays of your spiritual light- and by being compassionate, generous, inspiring, and a leader-many will benefit as they feel the warmth emanating from you. Be discerning, but also be open to whatever or whomever you're attracting, for your rays reach far and wide. The Light Card reminds you that because of its power, nothing remains in the dark. Through its illumination, truths and certain paths before you begin to emerge and can be surely seen. Using the energy of positive thoughts and continually thinking about the happiest and most joyful of memories will light the path before you even more brightly and attract exactly what you're emanating. Keep on shining!
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Rise again, Aileni.

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