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Thu Feb 28, 2019 10:25 pm

Hello. I would like to request a reading from the person who can. I don't know if you need more information about me. I'm a 31 year old female, Taurus... Please let me know and I will be grateful. Thank you for your time.

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Thu May 30, 2019 11:41 am


you are tapping into your consciousness of being
becoming more aware of your surroundings and the people in your surroundings
your third eye also feels quite heavy and in need of clearing/balancing
there is a tension of a pressure around your head too as though you've been stressing over things on a materialistic way a lot
you are a teacher and also encouraged to look at teaching and guiding, facilitating knowledge on your path, i see you as a peaceful soul who is focusing and reflecting on laying the old to rest, the let it go does apply here, you are asked to take a huge deep breath in and let it out to release all negative intentions and energy in your body

your main area of interest that's piqued into the path is crystal healing, and looking at magic, you do not know where to go or which sources to turn to in order to find your answers but you are doing soul searching and are truly on the right track. you just need to believe in yourself a lot more than you do. you are questioning your instincts too and beliefs, assorting them into what you want to keep the most, take what resonates with you. don't stress over anything else, just keep and sort what rings true to you and your path at this moment in time.

card 2
you've got the knowledge at your disposal to help you move forwards with what you want to do but now is the time to take action and to motivate yourself to putting the inspiration that come in from the ideas you have to good use, relax, because all will go according to the divine plan, you are awakening and are becoming more and more awake as the day goes by, you are listening and are listening to rely on your wit and senses, you are asked to step forward through the doorway that is opening up for you which is taking you on a new pathway, you have come to the right place! you have a sky blue energy around you helping you unlock your desires and dreams, communication to encourage your voice to be heard. inspire yourself further and others in your path today. you are a soul who goes out of your way to help someone if they are in need of help, put your instincts and your intuition to good practice to tell if they truly need the help. listen to your heart.

Card 3 - forgiveness

you are regretting a decision's outcome as of late wishing maybe it could have gone differently had you been more understanding on the current situation... there is some confusion as to why it happened to you you are asked to stop living in the past and move forwards, the truth the other side of the story will come to light when the time is right, clouds are clearing, the sun is brightly shining on your path bringing in with it the much needed positive energy to see you through the sadness and difficult days. hang in there & chin up, soldier on! but breathe in deep and relax, its okay to deviate from the path itself and take a breather as and when you need the pressure to be let go. shift your perception on certain things, too, from negative to positive, you'll feel a lot brighter after you do this for yourself! :hugs:

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