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Unread post Sat Feb 02, 2019 12:24 am

recently lost ppl and am new to this. dont know exactly where to begin. am just hoping there are some messages maybe

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A general message that the cards have for you is that you are feeling left out in the cold and that you are waiting for an offer of love to come in which seems to be on the way but not in the way you imagine and it will be quite sudden and abrupt.

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tb1989 wrote:
Sat Feb 02, 2019 12:24 am
recently lost ppl and am new to this. dont know exactly where to begin. am just hoping there are some messages maybe
first card for past - the selkie and her skin

shedding the old making space for the new, transforming your old self to make way for your new self, decluttering energies and guiding energy that are old to make space for the new transitional changes that are indeed coming into your life, you have felt like you've come to a standsill on your journey, there is a rut forming a barrier which is a self made barrier that is definitely an illusion of thoughts that is indeed turning into emotional anxiety and worry for your journey forward,

you need to claim and reclaim back your own personal power, you are tiring out of your own personal power and energy, but you do need to do some soul searching to find your own authentic and true self so you can rediscover your journey forward with a new vision. the road ahead is clear for you to move forwards into a new chapter.

2nd card - in order to move forwards, you need to know yourself in and out at all costs, inspect your inner personality to reflect your outer personality, change yourself in to who you want to be, not so much other people, but who you definitely know you want to be, you have lost yourself in the past and are taking small steps forwards in the right direction, meditate and soul search to find your self. try new things and do your homework - research the new knowledge that is coming up to the surface, you have a choice on your horizons to make, trust in your heart as to what is best for you, you know best, so set all second thoughts and doubts and just believe in yourself!

3rd card - its all about loving yourself to build yourself up through harmonious relationships to decord cutting and servering old ties that do not serve a purpose anymore. you are a confident person at heart, though a little shy at first, you'll open up when you get to know other people, you are asked to reflect, and embrace your inner you, help you find the divine within you first by looking at the positives and help you to become your authentic true self to further your divine awakening. you are healing within from the past now and opportunities, things are looking up around you. the world is your oyster, so anything is possible, try to keep an open mind & an open heart and be grateful for the blessings you have within your life.

All the best,

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