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Unread post Tue Sep 12, 2017 10:10 pm

I would like to request a reading please.
Its been a difficult year. Lost my job, then decided to pursue my dream of doing a PhD, only to then experience what I can only describe as bullying from a supervisor which left me feeling I couldn't continue. I have been offered another opportunity but it just doesn't feel right. I just don't know if to try and make it work where I am, despite feeling bullied, or to take up the other opportunity. I am having a lot of mixed feelings.

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Unread post Tue Sep 19, 2017 5:20 pm

Cassie123 - I request permission to tune in today for your reading request - I apologize for the delay but I did feel drawn to answer your request today. I am tuning into your energy with positive intention and only have genuine intention at heart to help you to the best way possible.

I’m seeing around your username there is a lot of white cloudy energy around you which feels like clouds of confusion and doubt that has rendered from this situation that has come in too close to home for your liking. It has knocked you back for six confidence wise and trust-wise to the point of hopelessness. This in turn has made you feel incredibly low and there is a quieter vibration coming in here which I’m actually being shown white angel wings to say that you are an earth angel and you have had a learning curve flung your way which you didn’t ask for but it has taught you lessons on self-control, trust, and the ability to rise up and move on from it with the sheer determination and perseverance that you need to keep going.

At the moment there is smokey shadows around you indicating that the energies around you are indeed guiding you forwards and clearing the path that’s there for you in the near future and later present. You feel lost at the moment and are questioning yourself to continue along this route, but continue on this route, you know you need to do the soul searching in order to find yourself and open your heart chakra to face your fears that have stemmed from this situation in your work place and environment. Also a feeling like there will be a shift in career and a job change coming up for you; a change of scenery so that you won’t be staying in one place for too long! You have an inner strength about you but this lesson is about teaching you to trust in your own instincts and reliant on your intuition, know that for future if something feels amiss then it usually is amiss and trust in that feeling, go with your gut instincts for they won’t ever let you down!

You have been looking into caring for someone around you, or you are a carer for someone around you, but this just pays the bills at the moment as you are struggling to make ends meet. I feel there is a lot of love surrounding you at the moment and stored away within your heart, but you are keeping it bottled in there instead of letting it out to love yourself in the way that you ought to be loved. You know that you are strong enough to face the people from your past - and that if it doesn’t feel right then it isn’t right. Trust in that and in your intuition. But on all accounts, listen to your heart’s word for it knows best on either decision or opportunities to take.
While you might be feeling that the messages are mixed in relation to the opportunities that are given, just trust your first thoughts & Feelings in relation to the opportunity, go with the one that sits right with you and that you are drawn to and trust in that implicitly! Because that is your intuition telling you what you need to know- listen to your inner voice and trust in your heart!

While this has been quite a tough year for you that next year and the years to come will indeed be better. With this new opportunity that you have chosen to take on board you are sailing forwards into a new chapter and with that chapter does indeed come a new beginning. Within that new beginning is more new friendships and networking friends that are indeed forming friendships that are reliable and trustworthy and who will stand your ground with you in a genuine way and allow you to find that inner strength so you can face your nemesis right on if you truly wanted to when you are ready to deal with that in your own way you will deal with the matter at hand with the supervisor. You are beginning to find your own strengths by taking gradual steps in positive thinking and materialization, you will know your own self-worth and boost that by being given a new lease of life along with this new beginning- the time-frame that’s giving with this is march 14th next year - but as you know future may change according to your own decisions as impacted at the time.

Hope this helps you cassie123, peace & blessings, CR
PS it may be an idea to put a post up on the healing prayer board and request for yourself some healing prayers as well to guide you through the time of difficulty.

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Joined: Tue Sep 12, 2017 10:03 pm

Unread post Sat Mar 03, 2018 10:51 pm

Hi Celtic Rose,

You tuned into me very well, this was a very accurate reading and reading it again now I can relate to even more of this.

I have been going through a process to address the issues I mentioned in my first message. This is due to be resolved one way or another soon, coming up to March 14th! I don't know how this will go, but I have a feeling it won't resolve the current situation.

My feelings are still very mixed. The path ahead is unclear to me at this time.

Any further insight would be much appreciated.

Best wishes

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