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Beautiful light of pink around you; you have a heavy heart at the moment, shouldering a lot of burdens, not just yours but also other peoples, you are a good listener too and very empathetic, you have trust issues also but are learning to overcome them and establish trust in yourself first to trust in your own instincts and in regards to other people around you.

There's been someone around you lately who has let you down, there's a sense of you carrying onto the pain and feeling disappointed in them, this in relation to this person being a close friend and someone you trusted implicitly, but they let you down in a time of need, so you are feeling a little bit wary of them when they come in too close for your liking. There's been tears but tears of frustration, they are healing tears as well as you are working with yourself to let go the old emotion, learning to let go.

You've been putting a lot of hard work into a project around you, studying going on, new path & direction happening around you, you've an affinity to the stars & the moon too, and there is chemistry around you with someone you know. You are being asked to let your hair down and have fun too, as there's a definite sense of seriousness about you like you know the balance when you need to let go and have fun and not stress over the littler things that build up into parcels of worry for you to deal with - you can delegate those at a later date and not stress over the particulars.

Changes are coming forward for you in leaps and bounds; you are a very caring person with a down to earth nature; much has happened in the last few months to set you moving forwards in the correct pathway, you have a lot to contribute in such a short space of time, you also are a carer for an older female around you, mum or grandmother is the sense here. you have a playful energy as well but you also know when to relax and take the time out to scent the roses on your path too.

You also have a beautiful neon blue of communication around you indicating that you are expressing yourself both in awareness and in mind, in the right way that's sitting right with you, there's a network/hub of computers around you too like a computer hub in an office - seems not much movement in there first thing - but take note of your surroundings for empathy has a huge role to be a part of, not just in your path but also where you work. There is so much you can do to help others and research / explore it for yourself.

That's all I'm receiving at this moment in time. Love to you from here. Peace! CR

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