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I'm in need of some insight.

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Unread post Wed May 23, 2018 9:12 pm

I feel as if I'm not where I'm suppose to be? For awhile now.

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Unread post Sun Jul 01, 2018 6:34 pm

you have a lot of courage within you, determining your way forward, you are uncertain as to whether or not to go forward within its depths, you have been trundling down a path that for some time you haven’t felt sure is right for you; and are needing that change in direction to help yourself find you and your beliefs are all being sorted and assimilated into place, there’s a feeling of needing to express your voice as well in relation to this; also a pattern of first thoughts which are repeating in the forefront of your awareness, this is your intuition telling you what you needed to know about your pathway, you are being asked to TRUST in this, trust in your heart’s word, to put listen to your heart over mind over matter first, and all the rest of the stress, worry, things you are talking yourself out of doing can be sorted out as they are more materialistic things; you are standing at a crossroads or a fork in your path, there are two directions that you want to go down but not sure which one to take; the right segment of your journey- its okay to deviate from it, as it will also bring extra growth and learnings for you as part of the parcel of life- but also- you are questioning your own self-awareness and ability to master true meaning of belief within yourself.

there is a relationship around you as well - if not a relationship- then bordering on a very close friendship that has grown over time, almost like a blast from the past friendship- this has caused you to doubt and feel unsure of yourself and what it is you want out of life. you have carried a tremendous about of emotional pain in terms of heartache and loss but truthfully, you are healing from this pain and are learning to forgive yourself in the process as it will assist you in your path if you can learn how to let go of the fear, the worry and the stress of living your life on a regular basis.

You have been reading/working a lot lately - seeing the leaves of a book being opened- so you are an open-book-you don’t hide who you are in any way, shape or form- you are healing from deep within as well, your soul is a younger one who is also on your path, but you need to listen to your heart and your higher self as your higher self knows what’s best for you in your journey.

Hope that helps myworth85.

If you want to leave feedback my thread is CelticRose bio's thread, or you can leave it on this thread,
Feedback is good because it lets us know if us readers are on track; or not with the reads.

Thank you for understanding. :thinktank:

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