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Unread post Fri Oct 18, 2019 5:25 am

Wow I had to see who had a 17 page bio! Now I realize its requests. Seeing as how I'm here, if your up to it. My name is Gary I served 20 years in the Army as a Military Police Investigator and Bomb Dog Handler, among some other jobs. I am 55 2x divorced but now married. I served a combat tour where i wittnessed many atrocities children included. As a result I am 100% disabled but you would never know it by looking. I was abused by a violent father when i was young and left at 17. I have completly gone thru the forgivness phase and dropped all the neg energy assoaited with my childhood. Since my retirement my abilities seem to have been super charged. 2 nights ago during meditation I saw an Angel come down and wrap me in a golden blanket then he joined 3 others and directly over my head they all spun like a slow celing fan and sang but I did not hear anything I usually don't. Then it like a switch and I was completly out. I cryed and thanked over and over. I feel like a brand new person and I want to share with everyone. So whats going on with me and the universe.
Thank you in advance for your consideration
Peace to you
Peace, Light and Love for you, just open your mind and take it, it's free.

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Unread post Fri Oct 18, 2019 3:23 pm

Antrite wrote:
Tue Oct 15, 2019 11:41 pm
Hello CelticRose was wondering if you are Irish or Scottish it’s a curiosity thing lol! I was wondering if you could do a reading on me? I’m trying to figure things out about why I feel different?
You are to focus on what you are missing, its like a missing piece of yourself that you cannot find. But through meditation and soul searching and unlocking the pathway forwards, you will find it through developing your awareness and it will come in handy in your own time of need as well as being able to help others through this genuine branch of knowledge.

There's a distance though, I'm getting the sense of choppy waters, like you are traveling in a boat and its rocking, there's a fear of drowning here which is connected to a past life as well. i'm getting glimpses of a sailor navigating his way through the choppy waters, but getting lost and ending up not knowing where he is coming or going, but perhaps this is also symbolic for your current situation. its like you are searching for an answer within or a piece of wisdom that resonates which hasn't yet been found, but you will find it. and the message is there already, waiting to be heard.

there was an old friendship around you which has raised plenty of questions too, this is where the distance is, its like a separation, as well of an old connection, someone you held affection for or loved at one point in your life, but the message here is strong and it ties in with the sailor's navigation skills as displayed in the image above, you need to focus on the starlight to guide you back to the place of sanctuary or otherwise known as home. back to your comfort zone and place of development, back to where you learn to heal yourself within and learning to work with the emotions to listen to your instincts and trust in your intuition, always

you know you were led before and you are aware when someone steps in to your vibrations when they aren't meant to be there that you know when to step forward and when to step back, there's a parting of ways here, but a lot more guiding energy surrounding the old cord/friendship bond that is needing to be cleared, almost like you are wanting confirmation as to why it has happened, there is emotional sadness also linked to this distant past life which is a very strong emotion to clear and be cleared, 'cause its harder to bottle it all within and even harder to release at times but release it and your voice will be heard. i'm strongly sensing for you to look at manifestation and law of attraction in positive thinking too and focusing on candle magic spells if you are into wiccan path, at the moment you may feel hopeless, but that feeling will pass when its cleared and subsided into peacefulness.

Thanks Antrite, that's all I got for you other than your aura being a yellowy gold hue. Thanks for the opportunity to work.
Hope it resonates.

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Unread post Sat Nov 02, 2019 10:55 am

Thank you so much celtic for the reading. I appreciate for taking your time to do a reading for me. I will take into account everything you said.

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Unread post Sat Nov 02, 2019 2:59 pm

Hello Celtic,
Can i have a reading on me please?.
I'm feeling lost and disoriented.

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Unread post Tue Nov 12, 2019 2:25 am

Hi. I have a serious and curious question here. Will I ever be rich? If so, what age? Thanks in advance. I again am serious.

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