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Unread post Fri Jul 05, 2019 7:01 am

Haven't written any lately so no need to post them yet.

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Unread post Wed Jul 17, 2019 2:26 am

Hi CelticRose, I would like to schedule a reading with you when you have time. I also have a question, without giving too much information my boyfriend is currently being held at an ICE detainee prison, we were wondering if he was going to be released or deported? Thank you for taking the time to read my request.

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Unread post Wed Jul 17, 2019 2:45 pm

Hi Carla7878.

a lot of pink and white energy surrounding this link though this connection has not yet opened fully, it is now.
you have been feeling weighed down with bittersweet emotion lately almost like an excitable energy, jittery type energy, expression given is 'ants in ya pants', preparing yourself for the future journey
but has a fear there of searching the hidden depths of the water of drowning, like they feel as though they are going too deep - this person also has a panic button for when the emotional fear energy gets too much BUT

you have a lot of sensible responsibilities and a lot of good traits in your personality, but struggle with trusting in your self and higher self and instincts, the white cloudy energy suggests confusion with ya on the path and i'm being shown that the clouds are clearing now so I can see with your permission your energy more clearer

your energy is a shy presence but with a beautiful white higher vibrational energy in tow , your first layer is a golden eggshell layer sense of self, you have a lot of pats on the back and encouragement coming in support with ya from your helper team in spirit, there is a sense of quietness about your energy that feels like its lacking strength and focus for the situations around you, you feel trapped in a situation that isn't of your own doing and i'm seeing the need for you to be strong so you can help the other person that is involved in this situation.

Also a koala totem around you helping you absorb the knowledge as to what's already out there and available to you. You need to trust in the higher divine powers that be though and listen to your guides 100% To encourage the weighed burdens off of your shoulders. Confide in someone you TRUST in confidentiality too so as not to face it on your own.

there is a lot of unrest and unsurety ahead and doubt(s) that you have in your heart as to whether or not he will be freed from the entanglement situation he is in. His altar minor - a back of the neck chakra opposite the throat chakra on the base of neck, being full of energy and it needs clearing... you can direct love and healing to it to clear it and help him if he does not believe in this process of chakra work . I also feel that you and him are guided by the stars, and that there is light behind him working with him and with your third eye to diffuse the conflict(s) and the tension of the situation that he is trapped in.
Tuning into the situation, further, there is a reason why he's there and that is a part of his learning to learn on the path that he's on at the moment. Changes are indeed happening around him though bringing in with it a sense of choice so as not to make the same action again and allow the past to be repeated. It can't be repeated as its gone. Its possible that these barriers can be overcome, there is a lot of fearfulness situated with the situation at the moment, at present as to knowing the answer to your current question.

And while it feels like its not being answered in this read, and a feeling that beating around the bush so to speak like you are getting mixed messages in with it as to whether or not he'll be released or deported, i feel like freedom is a few months down the line in coming but that he will need to behave and that the truth ought to be stuck to and heard. there is a court case happening in september around him which is like a hearing, it has either has happened or is happening soon, but i'm told to tell ya the outcome will be positive cause I hear that in my awareness when asked the question Yay or Nay? which for me is positive or negative.

So try not to doubt in the answer or in your angels because they will indeed be with you indefinitely through it. ASK FOR HELP & YOU'll Receive. Guidance is given. Ask for a sign and you'll be given. A white feather in tow to ensure you that angelic guidance is with ya while this take place.

What you can do?
You can TRUST and ask the angels to help you at this moment in time get through it all and continue your pathway forwards to development. Ask them to EASE The fear you must be feeling right now, knowing that situation he is in is imminently changing and changes will be gradual changes albeit also quick. I'm also told to mention to you that AA Michael and AA Gabriel are with him to protect him from the inmates and assist him through the dilemma of the situation.

It is taking its toll on you and your family to know and to work with this emotionally, you have cried in the past over it and it has pent up frustrations knowing that your hands are a bit tied as well and there is a weariness about it as well, vibrationally. But things are being sorted up to a week to 10 day new venture and travel is on your horizons now. Movement is coming forwards in leaps and bounds to gently nudge the situation along.

Lastly I get the sense of koala totem helping you. She is sitting in a tree happily grazing on a grassy stalk. Growth is with you and for your boyfriend on this journey. There is a new chapter and new beginnings ahead as there is changes in your path forwards of development. Her Messages is fresh outlook and realization, manifest the positive and absorb the guidance, knowledge and sustain your energy for the times ahead. Her consciousness is symbolic also for the sense of friendship and support and confirmation of that you are strong enough to face what the world gives ya, even materialistically.

Be thorough with your research though when you prepare yourself and trust in your angels. Kinda now get the sense that you are to give a speech too in defence of him, to help his case. When this happens or if this does come about, - I'm given a date here - September 15th and also December - later on - ask for AA Metatron and Raphael to come and support you through it and provide you with the much needed backbone and strength to stand ya ground and do what's needed to see the situation find a solution in order for him to be released and try not to give them further ammunition because they will use that against you, i feel, but just stay to the truth. Also, someone around you has PSTD at all (an older female, red hair, late 36-40 age group) bubbly personality but laid back.

Look after extra care of that person because they are going through a lot at the moment and its causing you emotions to run awry. Try meditation to calm your energy down and to ground yourself and focus in the now and present time.

You are awakening too and are answering your call to help. Lastly, I get the colour of RED to give to you which means strength and dexterity and strong motivation to be desired. You have the strength within. Don't let anyone tell ya otherwise. Love and direct love to diffuse the tension between you and the leading party of authority. I sense that he will be freed, but there is a delay factor by a few months grace in the decision due to the amount of paperwork that has to be done first.

Peace, that's all I got for you today. Carla. Hope that helps.

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Unread post Thu Jul 18, 2019 12:10 am

Thank you so much, you are so right I have been feeling weighed down and stressed out about a whole lot of things. I am so relieved about what you see on the horizon it really relaxes my mind and helps ease my nerves. You were so spot on it gave me chills in a good way, thank you so much, my mom is the one you saw with PTSD, and she has been going through some things. Thank you so much again. Hugs CelticRose.

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Unread post Thu Jul 18, 2019 6:28 am

hugs Carla7879, you are welcome. Feel free to come into chat as we are all in there chatting. Don't just come in for the read, this is home for you and for many. Come in to talk to us as well when ya need or want to. Welcome <3 Glad it resonated because I doubted on providing you with that read. Thank you for feedback. Hope you found peace within it.

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Unread post Thu Jul 18, 2019 12:18 pm

ty for the lovely read --inspiring with ideas to deal with emotions ect. That was kind of u to offer ...very refreshing
stars xx

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