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Unread post Thu Feb 07, 2019 6:17 pm

Aramantine - I have a song to give to you for you to listen to. Its called Fight Song by Rachel Platten.
Link to the song -

you are struggling in general with life at the moment feeling like you are on a slope and are still taking things a day and a step at a time to continue to move forwards; this is in relation to your burdens also that you carry and the many issues that you face on a regular basis, you are encouraged to look at your inner strengths though at the moment and to focus on motivation and drive to see yourself through looking ahead at what's ahead and to focus on the present to surround yourself with love to move forwards into the new vibration-by july- this new vibration will be with you but you do need to detox first to clear away the old vibrations of what has gone on before.

your first card that has fallen out is the ace of cups - new chapter/new era - transition/change

this card shows me that you have a warmth spreading through you feels a lot like love from within but its surrounding you - your love is surrounding you from within first so that you can learn to love yourself first to love others - you have a choice to make and you are worried about this almost questioning yourself to doubt in your own feelings about your path, you have a beautiful light sky blue energy which ensures you are communicating and there is a situation around you where as dispute between friends has been had, which is in your distant past, you need to take a step farther away as you are too close to this situation and are not seeing things clearly, as you take that step away from the situation, there is a whole another side that will be revealed to you that will be aired, which you haven't yet seen. the communication will help resolve the dispute and allow the friends in question to go their path and allow you to go and continue to find yours as you need all the help you can get to find your own path but it is there ahead of you though its might not be as clear now surrounded in white cloudiness as though confusion but once the confusion clears as it is second thoughts with this - you'll get there to where you are meant to be.

i am given the sense of freedom and movement coming into your life around 31st of july though i'm not okay with giving dates but this one has popped to mind, so keep a watch out of that.

you are a healer of your past and your present, you are a maker of your future and at the moment, the world is your oyster, so all possibilities are possible. i'm also getting the sense of incense smoke here too that you sometimes burn to help you focus like a strong smell or aroma of incense, you ought to do this more often as this will assist you to concentrate and clear your head a bit more too, sometimes you keep all stuff inside your head and not writing it down - so everything in there feels confused and at a loss of searching for answers, you ought to ground more as well and center your energy too so that its not as scattered as it feels like today, there are certain things you can't stop as they are happening in your life, but what you can do is simply go with the flow and enjoy the journey ahead.

may has also popped to mind here for you as a turbulent month; its in this month that you are spring clearing emotions and laying old ghosted feelings to rest, also getting a sense of a blast from the past around you too who has come into your life and you are wondering if to trust them or not, they are up to no good so you are right to trust in your instincts on this one, i sense its an older lady with a southern twang accent, in her late 50s that you ought to be careful of, as she's the one that will rock the boat on this situation and turn it to her advantage in more ways than one - this is your warning to steer clear ahead of time and listen to your guides, loved ones and angels team who are also around to help you sort it and keep secure and protected.
try not to initiate contact or give her further ammunition, let the situation pan out as karma will catch up with her eventually. stay safe as much as you can. let only those you trust read your energy at this time.

you are soul searching a lot this moment searching for answers but are you asking the right questions? That's left up to you to ask but i feel some answers are being answered and some around you are being found, i am shown a white feather in relation to this too, so keep a watch out for signs as you'll come across one in your path as well.

This is all I have for you, hope this is ok. :wink: :thinktank:

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Unread post Thu Feb 07, 2019 7:42 pm

Thank you Carissima!

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Unread post Tue Feb 19, 2019 2:40 pm

Dear Carissima, I found myself on a crossroad in my private life, I am unsure what is the right decision at this time and as this decision bears important consequences for my daughter's life, I could really use an advice or two. I do not feel about her father the way I should feel about him and I have an inner sensation that I will never be able to achieve the unity with him that I wish for, to create the family I wish to and I feel I will never be able to develop my life to the fullest extent next to him, that we will never be able to function like that. Which is the path that I should take that would be in the highest good of everyone involved? Thank you so much in advance for any insight on the matter.

A big hug! :hugs:

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Unread post Wed Feb 20, 2019 7:52 am

Hi Loved. I'm sorry I don't do relationship reads unless Spirit touch on them direct. I can offer you a general reading and see what comes up, if spirit come through to connect for the family/relationship reads then that might be more of what you are looking for than a specific question. I find specific questions can halt the flow of what needs to be said. Best to be open to receiving any universal or messages that come through to you. I'll leave that for you to decide though if you want more of a general reading to see what comes up - Peace & Blessings Caris

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Unread post Wed Feb 20, 2019 1:13 pm

Dear Carissima, would love to have a general reading, thank you!

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