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Unread post Wed Apr 25, 2018 12:59 am

Hey I'm Matt, 22, living in Queens NY. I've been feeling pretty down lately and I'm just hoping to get some guidance in my personal life, love life, and work life. If anybody could give me some type of guidance in any of these area it would be much appreciated. Not sure what else to say honestly

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Unread post Wed Apr 25, 2018 1:16 pm

Hi Matt when I connected with you I sensed a heart which means you've either been hurt in the past or your hurt by something if that makes sense. I also get jogging or going for a run. If you don't do this already it may help.

Things may not be great now but the sun will come out (things will be getting better)
Something I little random but I'm going to pass this on to you anyway...I get an ironing board.

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Unread post Wed May 16, 2018 10:36 am

Hiya Mattjg,

The first thing I pick up is that you got a lot of confusion and doubts surrounding you in your personal life, you are questioning your experiences and your beliefs in relation to the path that you are on at the moment this is also in relation with financial situation as well, you are being asked to save more too, so you have got more to spend should you wish on a rainy day. You are also being given a penny’s worth for your thoughts on a new adventure or dream that you’ve been dreaming about.

You have been hurt more times than most in your personal life and love life, this in itself has caused you to feel and shoulder more heartache and pain than what you have experienced already with regards to people in your surroundings around you, this is in connection with your heart centre and the point of self that connects you to your emotional sense of self, you are being asked to balance yourself in the process though so you can manage personal aspects of your life, you are juggling a lot on your plate at the moment and there is a decision in the works to do with your future, either you are looking to move or movement is coming in to help you move forwards into a brand new chapter and beginning. but at this stage its like you are standing at a crossroads at the moment in your life looking at which way to go, you are unable to see beyond the illusion, but once this illusion of doubt that is clouding your vision clears, you will be able to see the right way and pathway forwards for you.

The second thing is that you are looking for answers in relation to self-experiences that you’ve had in the past and in the present, you are doing some soul searching at the moment but more needs to be done, sensing there is a vision quest journey for you to participate in if you want to, bringing in with it a new found adventure and opportunity that will encourage your pathway to be known. you are being asked to focus and concentrate on your dreams in completion of thinking about what you want to do and acting on them with positive action and steps that will encourage you to move forward in the right direction with your path & Career.

The last thing is you are being asked to prioritise your time and investments to make ends meet, once they have been met, your path is being lighted , so the way forward will make itself known. There is someone new entering your life, who is female, but there is also a bit of a wait until you are ready first before she comes in. You are being asked to learn to look after yourself first and love yourself in a loving way that’s gentle perspective, to trust in yourself and work with trust so that you can become a stronger person, and not feel as isolated as you have felt in the times gone by. You are not alone. You are supported and can come into hear from us from time to time if you want to talk to someone else - pop into chat or forums and I hope someone will be able to help.

Lastly, you are being asked to make a wish because this energy is universal & star-based, just sensing that good things are on their way to you and that changes are indeed happening around your energy and life, in general, but you are the deciding factor of which changes that you can keep or which ones you delegate forwards.

Much love and blessings Matt, hope this helps and resonates!!

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