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Absolute plane wrote:
Sat Aug 18, 2018 8:16 pm
Hi CR,
I hope you are doing good.I have been very confused and restless of late and was trying to gain insights and your name popped up in my mind .Is there any way in the coming weeks that you could give me a brief reading ? I will be grateful.

Thanks ,
Abs, sorry I am just getting around to this now! Let's see what the cards have to say for you ok?

First card is Saint Brigid - Lady of Exalted Light

you have been looking within yourself to find answers
you know in your heart's word what is right for you and what is not right
you have a decision to make on your horizons
it feels like you are at a crossroads at the moment in your journey, not sure which way to turn
you are being asked to stop questioning your self
and your heart beat feels like its just run a marathon- slow down - rest in between work
and being open
this card reminds us that resting in between work is always important to look after you
and about accepting yourself for who you are as another part of yourself, rather than soldiering forwards on with it and battling within

trust your intuition to take the initial first steps to the situation
doubt not, but trust 100% - so as to stop from feeling disappointed
from any missed opportunities that you feel like you've missed out on
more will arise in the present, so look forwards, rather than back
there's a lot more changes around you happening sifting the old adjustments
to make sure space for the new universal changes as of late
new developments are coming in, you feel warm on your cheeks like a flush
again asking you to slow down and relax, to stop your head and your heart chakra from spinning

Second card- Queen Esther - present

you are being asked focus on what you want to do
don't worry about what others think or feel but focus on yourself
universe is supporting you in the right direction forwards
you are beginning a new chapter, but are asked to release the doubt and the fears you have had via empathy because you are empathetic and do soak up a lot of emotion
you can ask AA Raphael to vaccum you free of any guiding energy that does not serve you purpose
and work within yourself to cut the cords indefinitely from draining people around you
there is also someone thinking of you in a good way, left for LOVE around you, a woman, late 50s' age group I'd say feels like a close relative - mum - just came in there so a motherly figure, feels in spirit though. Love is being sent.

Last card - Amasteru - future (though future is Not set in stone)

this is about self-care and about nurturing yourself empowering you to make a better lifestyle and give you the pamper time and space you need to regenerate your energy, you need to boost your vibrations to resonate with higher energies to allow the flow of new energy into your life
CHANGES are happening around you 100% Trust in the flow of life to see yourself through. See yourself succeeding because YES you will succeed.

there is a loving warmth coming in through these cards absolute plane, this is to surround you in loving light so as to cease your worrying, all will be ok. Trust in the flow of new energies coming into your life. Its to bring the roses back to your cheeks, smile and think positive because new changes and connections are being made all around you. You are also asked to listen and meditate to the silence as to what's around you. Not everyone in life is a loose cannon and is out to cause conflict within you, people do change. Always give someone from the past the benefit of the doubt & if you still dont' trust them then, then cut the cords completely. :o)

Hope this helps you on your path Absolute Plane. Goddess Blessings to you.
There is magic in the air.

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