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Im searching for someone can anybody see or hear them?

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In the pic is someone standing in the side view of the brush feels male feel s lost like left to soon unexpectedthere are two others there is this place a natiral for bad things happening

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please give me a little bit to mull over what just happened here... your 100% on everything!

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Moonfire try for response was this a brother feels someone very close to u

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But he did not come here alone he came as a friendly visit but the people he was with had other intent he new nothing about an got caught in the mix

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I'm back here again after some time. I used to feel things but then blocked it off and am recently opening myself up again to these feelings so I could be way, way WAY off.

As I was looking at the picture four things came into my head quiet suddenly - train/traintracks, car crash, a baby and a brown teddy bear. I know it's super vague and don't know what it means but please let me know if there is any correlation at all.

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Hi moonfire.

I too when looking at the picture get the sense of going back in time to the past, there is a male visitor on the way side, a gentle man who would visit, he is very shy and is stepped back in the link which shows he is connected to the distant past, but he would open up if you got to know him furthermore, this photo takes you back when life was a bit of a mess, nicotine/tobacco mentioned, so he smoked, he is about 52 years old, though the number 91 is also connected, but not necessarily as age.
When asked for something recent sitter did last week, he is stood over to the left of the link and says you had an appointment at 3.30 last week, which you weren't sure what exactly you were to do with but you are glad its over, as at this point there's a deep sigh of relief, emitted here!

I am also getting the words of car crash and a beat up old red car that crashed, the spirit giving me this info is a father/paternal figure parent that died young, he went before his time, I am also shown a visual of the inside windscreen steamed up as foggy as though one wasn't able to see where they was going, and they were sat in the car at the time of the crash on the right hand side, he also gives me a rover/white van as reference too. He mentions june and april 13th 2014.

His message is this - he is at peace now, and you don't need to worry anymore, your life is changing, and new ways are being adjusted to make room for your changes now, you need to stop stressing over the little things that build up, and know that life is for living not for dwelling on the past. He briefly says I love you, and sends you an air kiss in hopes that you will catch the magic.

I'm not sure if this resonates, but I really hope it does for you. Leaving that with love for you in this post.
Take what rings true and leaves what doesnit if it doesn't resonate at all xx

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