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me and my other half as I call him have been together {this april 23rd} 8yrs as all relationships weve had plenty ups n downs but here lately it just seems hes pulling away more and more day by day then {thatll last 2 to 3 days} then hell be all about me being the loving nice guy I fell in love with what felt like love at first sight seriously weve honestly been together since the night we met except about a yr ago for a month I guess ud call it a break when he went to his moms clear acorss the us in idaho for that month with his first intent of not coming back to alabama so the first 2 weeks was omg horrible for me bc I honestly felt like id lost it all then 2 weeks after being gone he finally called and we talked and decided hed come back home so I drove the 2 night 3 day trip by myself to get him and bring him back home and things went great n now for the past 4 or 5 months now its been up n down like a roller coaster with him and his actions towards me and I'm so confused on weather to keep trying at this relationship bc I do love him with all my heart and want to spend the rest of my life with him or just except the heart break and try and pick up the pieces eventually only thing is my granny past away 2 days bf my bday {april 8th will be a yr} which we was closer then I am to anyone in my family and I still have not excepted the fact that shes really gone and I wasn't able to tell her goodbye and all I ever wanna do is speak to her then march 15th my pawpaw past away so this past yr has been omg depressing then this sooooo with all that being said can someone please read me and him and advise me on what you see and can hopfully help me on what in the world I should do thanks

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