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I have been through alot and would like some answers.

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I had a near death experience last year and I am not sure if the visions I had were real. If I have any spirits with me or around who might they be? I cannot go a single day without thinking of the visions that I had. Both good and extremely frightening ones aswell. I would love for someone to help me understand things better.

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I want to helf if I can, though I can only get vague snippets at the moment. I hope they help you or open up something for you.

I sense something lingering from long ago, in your younger years. Something that your mind is pushing away because of the intense emotions it gives you. It's an off short of energy outburst that at this time is hard to control, and it leaves you feeling under the control of something that feels awful.

Plenty of that is definitely your own energy, and your own need to ground and heal.

But I also sense a spirit of some kind following you. It's not malevolent, but is possibly... looking for guidance?

It could have followed you from the NDE. I don't know. But I do know that it feels attached to you, like it (a masculine energy) wants to help you, but can not. He might not know how to help, and possibly should not be, as he is suffering from many of the same emotional obstacles.

I wish you luck on your path of healing :)
was oc :peace:

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That is pretty awesome! Thankyou so much. I had goosebumps reading that because I am healing from complex post traumatic stress. I had a hard childhood and life in general. As a child I would see spirits all the time and around 8 years old I shut them out for good because it started to frighten me.
I have several photos of a male spirit and seems to be the same face in each photo. Also caught a males voice talking to my son a few years ago on video.
As a child I had a special friend called Michael (a pretend friend).
When I was discharged from hospital I found a penny in my house. I've haven't seen a penny since I was a kid and I knew it was strange. Also Cindy lauper came on a radio which is never even used normally "If your lost you can call ill be waiting ~ time after time) I was home with my son and he was at the other end of the house when it randomly turned on.
Thankyou for your insight it has confirmed some things for me 😊

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