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Sun Apr 09, 2017 4:19 pm

Hi there,

Anyone want to do a reading? What do you see for my future? Or, what do you pick up on, on me?

I welcome any feedback you may have.


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Sun Apr 09, 2017 11:25 pm

I think I was told I could do readings in this area only until after my two weeks. I also haven't done alot of readings in awhile so I might be a bit rusty. Your feedback would be greatly appreciated as it would help me guage where I am at :)

The first thing I saw in your pic is some kind of blue energy field and I am also picking up alot of healing energy from you. I am seeing energy healing (reiki, maybe) but I am also seeing herbs or the use of herbs for healing. I just heard the word "traditions" and am feeling you use alot of spiritual traditions on your path. This feels more Native American. I am also hearing the word Shaman.

You have alot of wonderful energy on the surface and you have a way of asking people laugh. But deeper I am also picking up alot of pain and also picking up searching. I just heard the word "empath" and that your empathic abiliies are quite strong. You feel quite shielded towards pain and avoid situations that cause pain, yet you also feel like you harbor pain within. Your very sensative and you can feel the pain of animals and plants. But your a natural born healer and people often gravitate towards you for that healing energy. You make them smile, and this is your greatest gift. You have an innoscence to you and often view the world in a more, how do I say this, like a child see's the world, filled with hope,laughter and light.
Ahhh, I just heard you are an Earth Angel and have only carnated here maybe a few times. Doesn't mean you are a young soul, it just means most of your time was spent in higher spiritual realms. You gravitate towards the sky like it's a beacon or a connection home. I think being here makes you feel lost or out of place at times. Like your here, but you feel like at times you don't quite fit in. Your view on the world is with so much love and hope and it's difficult for you to understand why people cause each other so much pain or why they allow so much pain to hurt themselves, if that makes sense. You see things differently, in a more positive light, which is where the innoscence comes from and at times seeing the destruction of the earth and people in general pains you on a deeper level. Yet, you still fight. Your wanting people to see the light you see, the feel the light that you know so well. You don't like the darker things or the darker side of life and so you work extra hard to heal that so people won't suffer. You have a very caring heart :) You care alot about people, sometimes to much that you will sacrifice your own self to help them. Their suffering makes you suffer, therefore you heal it so noone has to suffer. But that lack of understanding. You often ask yourself "why", "why do they do this?" "why can't they try this", why can't they just find love, give love, I'm hearing "love one another". Why is there so much hate? This weighs on your soul and at times you want to give up because trying so hard seems pointless at times, yet you refuse to give up. You have been asking "why am I here", and that is why. You made a choice to come down here to bring that light and angelic healing with you. Your a great humantiariam. And you ask yourself at times, "do I make any differance", and the answer is YES! Even if you were able to heal only one soul, that one soul makes the differance, that's how important each soul is, including your own, which I feel you put on the back burner sometimes:)
I feel like your still trying to find yourself. You know who you are as a spiritual being, but do you knkow who you are as a human being? I feel there is a disconnect in this area because your a spiritual being, and you gravitate to spirit and spiritual things. Your innoscence allows you to see things that other's can't, you percieve things in way's that other's have a hard time understanding. I'm seeing an older female that feel's like a mother type and protective, but then, in spirit, I see an even older woman, like a grandmother type. I'm seeing grey hair pulled up, in a bun maybe? She has the sweetest smile and very loving. She wanted you to know she iswatching over you and how very proud of you she is. I'm hearing "my guiding light"
I also picked up that you are connected to spirit, either a Medium or sensative and have had spirits come to you since childhood. The seem like someare earthbound, others were guides. I also just sawa bird, it looked black like araven, but heard "hawk", so we'll go with Hawk :). They are drawn to your light :) I'm also picking up some clairvoyance, like you have or see visions.

I'm picking up that there may be some questions about being on the right path and questions about what path you should be on. The Angels are wanting you to know that you ARE exactly where you need to be and your gift is the gift of love and healing. They say that life is not one destination, but a journey to several destinations. Once you have reached one destination and have done what you needed/wanted to do, then you move on towards the next destination. It's not always a straight a narrow path, sometimes we take back roads, side roads or even forge our own paths, but no matter what each road leads you back so you will never become lost. You have several Angels/guides and they want you to know that you are never alone, you never walk this earth alone and even in your darkest hour, that light that shines so bright from your soul, that light within will always guide you, as will I. (I'm not sure which Angel/Guide was speaking but hopefully you will:)

This is all I'm getting for now. I hope this helps :)
Blessed Be,

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