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a reading please

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Sun Apr 09, 2017 8:05 pm

I see a couple faces, possible spirits; in the wood looking frame behind you on the wall.

Are you an Engineer? Work on computers or with computers?

You have really good energy.
Strong and positive.
You know what you want in life and you go fret it.

That is great, stay focused on what you want in life. 😊

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Mon Apr 10, 2017 5:18 am

I see archangel michael hes protecting you and giving you light on the road to your future :) i cant tell what your future is but its a bright one and its something that I know that youll be looking forward to :)

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Mon Apr 10, 2017 6:45 am

Hi Samir

This will be short. Aside from reading your photo and yourself, There are just a couple of messages being passed on for you

*A female family member who is having health difficulties will find healing and improvement.
*If you are planning around family (I specifically see thoughts of relocation) then the advice is to double check details. Same goes for education and work relocations. It looks good for you just make sure that you have sufficient details..
The message is for you to decide and act on what you feel is right for yourself and your immediate family, rather than outside more distant family members, friends and aquitances
so guidance from with, and guidance from your closest who have best interests at heart

I feel a deceased Aunt is sending her love. An Auntie. There are a few people who I see, but an Aunt (parent's sister) seems to be particularly close. Long haired lady. She mentions will power and the need for it. She mentions Will.

for you specifically my message is ''Please don't under-estimate yourself'' and that you should let competitiveness pass you by and not let it knock you down.

:) sorry it's short, i didn't want to read and run.

Take care
"Promise me you'll always remember: You're braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think." - A. A. Milne

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Mon Apr 10, 2017 7:23 am

I can smell a lovely smell of melted candle wax around this photo, feel like you’ve been burning the midnight oil a lot, thinking over things at night when you fall asleep or just before you fall asleep. In this photo too there is a strong sense of incense like a heady sense of incense clearing the atmosphere and room or building that you are in.

I also feel its a synagog chapel but rotary club words also spring to mind. you have a lot of pink energy surrounding you, and ache in the left foot on the right hand side of the left foot, you have had trouble trusting other people in the past and tend to keep yourself to yourself, like you prefer alone time or solitude moments of in your busy everyday life. for you to post this picture also is a big leap because you come across as to be quite a shy character linking back to your past to childhood days, but as you grew up, and were associated with other people in your surrounding neighbourhood, you became more people-friendly and confident with who you were as a person. its like you began to find yourself at that moment then. but prayer and faith is associated with you a lot in this photo,

i sense that is a big part of your work and spiritual work too. i also feel a headache as well from the heady-ness of the incense scent, its almost like you feel this when you are around that, like you can’t take too much of it but over time you’ve become used to it. there is a strong presence of AA Michael around you too, but i feel like in the past your belief is not as strong as it is now, like an experience took place to help you to belief strongly in the archangels as well or you had a chance encounter that helped you to see more clearly as to which route you ought to be taking in the way thats’ naturally right for you, you are being asked to trust in your heart, though, as your heart knows best.

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Thu Apr 13, 2017 12:51 am

I feel you are unsure about what your true purpose in life is, beyond your job. You want to contribute something to saving and improving the world. I sense that you very much want to help others and may feel drawn to humanitarian causes. This would suit you very well, especially in foreign countries. You would make a good counsellor or aid worker. You have a good heart, and much generosity and kindness in you. Also empathy and psychic ability. You also have the strength to bear others' problems on your shoulders, but you must also not try to take on TOO much - as in EVERYBODY'S troubles. Sometimes people have to stand on their own feet in order to grow and learn. You are not responsible for the whole world. While you may want to help many people, I feel you may have trouble relating one-on-one to potential romantic companions.

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Thu Apr 13, 2017 7:12 am

You are a person who likes to be in control, you like to lead and you like things to go your way. You are ambitious and driven and there's so many things you want to do with your life but not sure if you can accomplish it with time. I sense that in your childhood, you faced rejections and were kind of outcasted by your peers and this led your esteem to sink. You are your loved ones' rock, someone they can count on. You are trustworthy and reliable, loyal as well. But you don't trust people easily. You might feel that people have motives and you question people and their motives a lot. Rare for you to let your guard down and genuinely trust someone. You are also someone kind and good hearted. You keep to yourself a lot, an introvert, and sometimes people feel like you don't care about them but you actually do, its just that you don't say it to them :) Steady mind and you do know what you want, but I sense some confusion right now as you are confused over what you want to do with your future in terms of academics and career. I think you are especially close with your mother. You are also a very spiritual and gifted person. A natural born leader with strong intuition. You are the kind of guy in a social situation you can come across as shy and quiet, but you are very observant and pay attention to details well. Your source of pride, and true happiness comes from when you manage to achieve your goals. Not from material things. Lets say you get the exam grades that you wanted, this will make you feel super happy for example. Your heart is in the right place, mind is in a steady place. Hasnt always been easy but as your age increases, the more you will find peace.
In terms of romance, it seems a bit barren right now...I assume there hasn't been much action going on romantically. You are sweet though, you will be meet her when the time is right and she will be the lucky one to have you :) I sense a good future for you. All the best :)

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