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Hello. Can someone give me a reading? Im new here.

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Hey everyone. Idk how this whole thing works, but I guess i'll start by introducing myself. My name Is Precious. I am 25. I have four kids, My birthday is November 17th. I was wondering if i could get a reading and someone tell me what they see. please and thank you.

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Hey Precious and welcome to ABT! If you put your picture on the Picture Readings board, someone may do a practice reading on it there.

LWM :sunflower:

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Hi Precious :)

This may be short as I didn't want to read and run

But connecting to you

Very happy energy! You are a light to others. I feel you are very confident and you are very adaptable. You stand out from the crowd personality wise, I feel that others see charm in you as you are down to earth and try and get along with everybody.
I definitely see a new job and for some reason I'm pulled to healthcare. My first impression is along the lines of a nursing assistant job / area. So i'm not sure if this is what you're interested in but you are encouraged to persue your dreams in this area, perhaps healthcare field but I also see it could be pediatric work so perhaps this is childrens nursing I am seeing. Or special needs work with younger ones.

I feel that the end of this year will be a good time for work and education and what you apply for in the next few months will definitely pay off for you.
Relationship wise: yes most definitely! But the only thing I see is that the person you meet may not be 100% what you expected in the sense that, physical attraction may not be 10/10 - features and such but honestly, I see you getting on very well. I see a dog and feel like this person will have one, as a clue to who i'm talking about. You are encouraged to give this person time and equally they will need to give you time .. once you get to know each other your confidence will rise and that will be it from there. I feel that although you are confident you really need someone in your life who will accept and take on the children which is very understandable. I feel that the reason past relationships have broken down is due to the fact they don't accept your children as being number 1.. but the new person coming along will sweep you all up so to speak, be very accepting of you all :)

I feel also that two females are very close to you in spirit. I feel one is a maternal grandmother and one is an aunt figure (though could be a family friend) and she has passed in the last 3 years. I hope this makes some sense to you. If not i can always come back and clarify a littlemore.

Is there anything else you wanted to ask?


"Promise me you'll always remember: You're braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think." - A. A. Milne

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