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Fri May 05, 2017 6:30 pm

Hi... this is me and my oldest son.

The Captain
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Sat May 06, 2017 1:33 am

I am feeling a lot of anxiety, even fear, coming off you for your son. You fear that you may not be able to give him what he needs in life, that he may not do better than you did, or have a happy life. There may also be an actual physical problem - or your fear of it (like him having an accident or being kidnapped). But you don't need to worry - I feel him becoming very big in the business world, an executive with a loving family. You shouldn't put yourself down either. I feel you have a very creative brain, when you put anxiety aside and really focus. I sense artistic talent in you - for painting maybe? Try dabbling with a few cheap paints or crayons and paper. You have a good sense for colour and design so even interior decorating or fashion design could work for you.

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Sun May 07, 2017 2:22 pm

Ahhh, he's adorable. Is there a father or grandfather in spirit? There is a male standing behind your son. He feels very proud of him and also feels like he watches over him,protects him. Your son is very sensative, actually he can see him and you may notice him talking to "someone" you can't see. He say's "my little man".
Overall, Im picking up that you are kind of at a place where you are still deciding about your future, what you want to do or go with it. Have you thought about school or a student? I'm picking up some type of schooling and making decisions about the future. Though it feels you are content in your current situation, it also feels like there isa pull to do something else, or something new,something more fulfilling in the area of career. It also feels like there was a break or a gap until recently, like you had dreams or ideas and then things changed which created a type of standstill but now the time is right to begin pursuing some of these other things. Im being shown a greenlight, and am being told that now is the right time for begin planning some of the future goals you have in mind.
I'm hearing the word "balance" and it feels like things can get very hectic and crazy at time. It's important to find balance. It feels like certain areas of your life are being consumed, but it's important to make time for yourself. I feel your not doing this. Your a very dedicated and loving mother, you feel very loyal and protective, but it's ok to take some time for yourself, it's important in order for you to grow and to create balance between all the responsibilites you have. You often place your needs on the backburner in order to take care of your responsibilities to other people, but the angels are saying you also have a responsibility to take care of yourself as well. "This is your life to", they say :) But it's important to take the time to do things for yourself, for your future, and to not be afraid to "let go" a little. I feel that you do have help or support and are saying that you "are not alone" in this journey. If you need help, the angels would like you to ask them for help because they are also here to help and support you. I'm also seeing a few more spirits coming through, they feel like family members gathering around you ,helpng, watching, guiding. Are you a single parent or feel like one? It feels like you carry alot on your shoulders, taking care of the needs of everyone, which leads to little to no time for you and I think that is why they are wanting you to take some of that time and to add yourself to the people you take care of. For some reason, I also picked up military. I can't tell if it's you or someone you know that is/was in the military.
I do see some changes though, the school/career area and I do feel this will benefit you, like fulfill something within. I asked whenand allI heard was "when she makes the choices, changes will begin". Again, the fear or doubts that may be revolved around the children and letting go,fears of , how do I say this, fears of abadoning either not giving as much and not fulfilling your full responsibilites towards them because your time and energy is split or worries about them feeling abandoned by you, something to that effect. I feel the connection between you and your kids are extremely tight, which is good, but it's also that type of connection that makes it difficult to let go a little to give yourself some of that time and energy. There may also be some feelings of guilt around this as well. I literally just had two cards thrown at me..twice..It's the realtionship harmony card and the take back your power card. And then I got the career card. These cards mean that there is a disconnection or conflict with someone and they are asking you to take back your power, to stand you ground I just heard "set boundaries", which means this person feels overbearing and it's difficult to stand up to them. It's important to set boundaries with this person and to make decisions that will benefit you. It's like standing up and telling them "I'm drawig the line here, I'm not going to allow you to control me (emotionally,mentally, or whatever) and I'm going to do what is best for me. It feels like this situation takes a toll on your self esteem and it's important to take back your inner power.
And the the last card I have feels like a response to a question. It is the all is well card. It's a positive card that indicates that everything is going to work out ok. Again, I'm picking up changes and choices, and feels like a time to start thinking about making those changes in your life and making choices that support the changes you need in order to gain the life you desire. The majority of this reading seems to be revolved around positive changes in your life.
Let me know if this sounds right, or if I'm off.
Blessed Be,

Posts: 10
Joined: Fri May 05, 2017 4:58 pm

Mon May 08, 2017 12:52 am

Thank u the captain and angel

So first to the captain... I lost custody of them in January... I have a lot of fear I won't get them back and am super stressed b/c I can see how much their affected.

And to angel ... wow I don't really know where to start let's see... Andrew is born on the day my husband father ( Jay ) passed away exactly 5 years later and william was born on Jays burthday.
And when andrew was 2 we lived at a house that I thought was haunted and we actually moved out b/c of it and b/c andrew was "playing"hot wheels and talking to someone wgo wasn't there

Posts: 10
Joined: Fri May 05, 2017 4:58 pm

Mon May 08, 2017 11:51 am

Since January me and my husband have been battling a drug addiction..that being said..i've lost custody of my 2kids and have a very intimidating and can be mean husband whom doesn't to me seem to care as much as I do... we'very been married 5 yrs and not until last month have I thought about leaving. Even after his 7 mo. Affair but i've tried 3 times in last 2 mo.
And not yet successful but I said yet...last night I just realized that it has been 12 years I've lived with this addiction and five mo. w/o my boys and the 5 mo. w/o is the longest and hardest. I don't see what could be his rock bottom If this ain't it. My oldest (andrew) he is so smart, he always asks me as soon as he sees me if our house is done yet? ( cause at first we told him he had to stay with his aunt April cause they were fixing the roof at ours ) but just last week we had to start going to the social services office to visit our kids whereas before we just went to hubby's aunts but like my son never asked one time if our house was done yet. And the only thing I feel like that tells me is that he's smart enough to know that we'really lying to him and he didn't want to get us in trouble or something. That might not make sense but... either way yes I am very tired and sad and frankly honest living out of my car is OLD... and I just miss my kids

Thank you both again

The Captain
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Joined: Wed Apr 12, 2017 8:19 pm

Mon May 08, 2017 8:25 pm

So are you getting help for your addiction?

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