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Unborn Child

Posted: Wed Dec 06, 2017 9:39 am
by ayi
Hi everyone I hope all is well :hugs: I wanted to know does anyone pick up anything on me and my unborn child??? Things that may be coming in the future... I plan on naming her Amorah Rose LeeAnn Jones 💜 EDD is 2/12/18...Her father is not wanting any invoulment with her but I'm hoping mabe in the future he will want some communication with his child!!! My sister has suggested once bby arrives to mabe mail some pictures to the family! I'm still thinking about this becuz I dnt have a good relationship with him or his family. I also hope one day possibly i will find a father figure for her n get married defently will get married before i have any mor childern im only 24 born on 4/19/93 On the other hand I just want the best for this child even thou everything hasn't yet settle in my mind about how things will play out I was not expecting to have a child at all so I'm not sure how to feel but it is what it is I know once the baby comes I may feel different! I been through alot n have trouble seeking employment due to my background but I'm truly not a bad person but I'm still thinkin about going to school to b a counsouler but in the meantime I'm really hoping after the baby a good employment job falls in place so I can be able to provide n support my child!!! Thanks too all who have read this I appreciate your comments n feedback

Re: Unborn Child

Posted: Sat Dec 09, 2017 7:58 am
by chelashela
I feel times right now are hard only because you have an obstacle to face . Stay away from any drugs or alcohol or any men associated with this as this will deeply impact her future. I see you two very happy together and somebody she will always look up to if you can stay strong for her either way she will love you unconditionally