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What's all the orbs & the creepy face

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I took this picture over 10 years ago, while trying out my first new digital camera. The door you can see my son near is my bedroom. Can you let me know what all the what I would say are orbs are. Also on the left side of the photo there was also looks like a creepy face trying to get through the wall. What was even stranger, when I did upload these and noticed this I immediately printed it off. Next day I went to print the rest and another copy and all 6 I took at this time disappeared of my computer

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Above the birds cage possible portal see the circles an the way portrayed in motion lines on each side of it did the bird ever show signs of company aka spirit activity this would produce the face u see

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Sometimes I see tiny orbs when am lying in bed going to sleep is an orb a person, spirit?? Thank you for taking the time to read this xx

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Great picture

You can usually tell between Orbs and dust by the trails they leave such as the one beside the bird cage

I'm also curious as crackers is, if the birds would ever sense anything around there?

@Peanut Orbs are spirits yes
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