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Can anyone help with a dilemma?

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Unread post Sun Oct 22, 2017 9:55 pm

Image[/img]Hoping someone can help with a reading with this person and what is going through their mind as they're finding it difficult to fully communicate. If anyone can see an outcome of what is currently a very tough situation I would greatly appreciate anyones visions of what they may be able to see or advise. Love & Light
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Unread post Tue Oct 24, 2017 6:42 pm

He is not very an easy read for he puts a mask up as if all is well but feels as though deep inside the is crying asking for light an a way out if he doesn't find the rite one he will make one an won't be a good choice for anyone sadly just what I see I hope I have helped ty

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his feelings of inner pain and anger are very noticeable in the upper center of his eye, very to himself about his inner emotions and unwilling to let anyone in as he's so overtaken with his personal issues in life and holds onto so much negativity that he's unable to let go of. this person is extremely difficult to talk to and becomes very combative/dismissive with anyone attempting to dig into his heart.

pay attention to what comments or conversations seem to aggravate him and share in his pain until a revealing comes to you no matter how small and look elsewhere to find information that may tie into his current problems, I sense there is a way to get to him and reach his acceptance if you can just find the right thing to compare from your life to his.

once he sees you are suffering the same he should feel inclined to let his feelings go and confide in you, this man seems from what I can tell to be sympathetic to those feeling his same pain and not entirely shut off from the world and everyone around him.

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