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Hi there, am i on the right path?

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thanks for reading this message.
I have been close to figuring out who my birth father is. I have come to a bit a dead end as its possible i have found him 'Peter' but he passed away, fall asleep at the wheel of his car drunk, 20 odd years back. Im wondering if anyone can pick up on if this lead that i have followed is the path or do i need to be looking elsewhere? all help and insight would be much appreciated, its been a life long mission.
thanks, Bella from New Zealand

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hello, I'm somewhat new here but am adept at reading eyes and current emotions in my everyday life, I can offer you no direct answers as to your path I'm afraid as I'm more skilled at reading the current emotions portrayed by the photograph than predicting what led to them or "for telling" future events.

at first your emotions were more difficult to read than others but upon reading your summary it made sense that you are experiencing a lot of turmoil in your life and conflicting emotions as if your current mindset is running in several different directions at once.

the smile is forced and not at all in place with your inner expression as I can see from your eyes in comparison, I see confusion and a sense of slight madness as if you have either been pre-diagnosed with a mental disorder of some form "OR" that you possess some variation of psychic intuition yourself as the glossy dead look is the same I usually see in people where their intuition is far more developed than most ordinary people. despite the look of worry and displacement of several emotions I would say this is an average time in your life and that you are in fact on the right track as far as your search goes.

please do not tarry in getting a second opinion although I am confident in my ability to accurately predict, It is impossible to be right and spot on at all times, I hope you enjoyed this reading and hope to hear of my accuracy if you decide to reply, have a nice day.

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