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Ghostie picture read

Posted: Fri Jul 24, 2020 7:09 pm
by Ghost-Addict

Evening all,

This is me, you will know me as ghostie in chat and forum. :peace:

See what you can pick up, good practice for anyone. Feedback will be given. :boogy:


Re: Ghostie picture read

Posted: Sat Aug 08, 2020 9:01 am
by TheKeepersEye
Hiya Ghostie,

So here goes my attempt at reading you thankyou for being so kind and showing us a picture of you.

Ok so first off I am seeing your third eye was activated in this photo were you experiencing any paranormal phenomenon or anything out of the ordinary happening to you before/after you took this photo. I'm seeing a planet with a ring around it possibly Mercury or Saturn most likely mercury its positive healing love was flowing through you around the time this photo was taken. You are fascinated with spirits and the spirit realm and have been wanting to look into mediumship or may have practice a bit with working with bodily spirits in the past or a past life.

Hmm I keep seeing pyramid shapes as well floating around you possibly a past life connection to Egypt.

Oh and your into a bit of mystic arts and or witchcraft possibly due to your interest in spirits paranormal phenomenon .I keep seeing yellow pentagrams hehe are you shielding yourself from us? kind of feels like this is a test for us readers lol

Now onto the aura readings

I am seeing a mild darkish purple with light grey surrounding your bodily soul

The next auras i am seeing are turquoise greenish baby blue surrounding your crown chakra and head.

I am seeing a glowing yellowish white light orb deriving from your solar plexus you have a very positive soul the energy deriving from your solar plexus reflects on your everyday life, attitude towards things and personal thoughts and or beliefs, you like to make sure you know what your talking about before you talk or say something. When someone catches you off guard and it reflects on you as a individual you seem to take it pretty well and you handle yourself pretty darn good to.

Now I am seeing lime green and baby blue auras flowing around you could be related to your mood, nature and or personal activities, and you enjoy doing outside activities you prefer to be at peace with yourself and everyone around you you never liked negativity and you have came along way since your childhood days when you were a teenager growing up. I sense you might of struggled with something as a teenager that you've been able to get over and conquer all by yourself but also with the help of your friends and or family members.

Hope this helps atleast a little bit if you want a deeper understanding of what the auras mean there's tons of aura charts on google