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Never been so low x

Posted: Mon Jun 29, 2020 4:11 pm
by Mcn00ter
:grin: :cheesy: :help: Hi all, i know this photo shows warts and all but this is life etched at its best. Now i could have edited but why? I have had a bumpy ride thus far (like so many others and so many more to come) However, i have managed to weather the many storms that came my way but im weary and the fire to fight less appealing and this worries me so if anyone senses anything or can import their wisdom i would greatly appreciate it as im a bit of a lone wolf but even they know when the security of a pack is needed, much love, jacqueline
Ps, yes it is the same person thats in my profile pic but as the old song goes "what a difference a day makes" or in my case crisis! lol x