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Little lost

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Joined: Sun Apr 28, 2019 3:11 pm

Sun Feb 16, 2020 9:01 pm

Hi folks, lately ive been feeling a bit lost and was looking to see if anyone could pick anything up in terms of guidance or anything. It would be greatly appreciated

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Fri Feb 21, 2020 5:33 pm

Hi Adrian

You usually have a calm and collected energy and presence around you but lately it feels like you've been more scattered, drained from stressing out over the littlest passages in your life like the change in direction where you feel adrift in nature. It has brought up more questions and doubt for you to work through on the materialistic perspective and what you are after in your lifetime now. I am also picking up the sense that you have been looking at energy work and the ability to divine your answers by water scrying which is also portrayed as a bowl of water. You connect easily when water, and you know this by the turbelent wave of emotion as to what's around you. Like the water, simply relax and go with the flow because the not knowing the future is currently bothering you, the fact that you are not in the know of where you are going and or what you are doing, its affecting your vision as to what is really happening around you now and is clouding your situation a bit.

Its almost a case of you standing too close to the situation and not re-grounding and centering yourself and your focus of bringing your awareness to focus on what you want out of your life and current circumstances/change of situation. You have suffered a lot of heartache as well and pain in the past, this too is overlapping into your present and causing you to feel cautious about meeting others in your future. I want to interpret this message to say that not everyone will hurt you but you do need to work on finding yourself first as to who you are before you move forwards into looking at things like psychic ability to help other people.

I am also getting the sense you are speechless over reading this too right now and quite honestly, you need to trust in yourself and in your heart right now for it knows best as to what's right for you, you are drawn to help others and are a kind soul with a lot of life experiences under your belt, you are on wave with most of your soul family although there are people who have stuck out like a sore thumb who you do not trust because they have come in too closely for your liking, you need to trust in your own instincts and abilities to know who to trust and who not to, they are a part of life and once their purpose has been fulfilled, the time and the journey, you'll move forwards.

As I type this out too I get the sense of urgency like there is a situation which needs attention and its important that you express your feelings about it to get it off your chest, like there's someone you wish to talk to direct, but feel the need to do so face to face, in order to say what's truly in your heart, you must first pluck up the courage to approach them to say and express how you really feel, i'm sensing this is a lady or someone around you like either a lady with a masculine energy or a male with a very male energy about them, its someone who you trust but have distanced yourself from in working life/in your job or career, sorta thing, i also feel its an authority figure too, you gotta trust in your instincts with this person as your instincts will not let you down, ever. this situation is also to do with money and financial gain too, so just keep apprised on this as every detail is important and once you take that step away from the situation to distance, the situation itself will become much clearer.

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Thu Feb 27, 2020 5:27 pm

Hello Dear,

You have got the gift of identifying noise , you identify people distractions and sometimes absorb that. I give you two advices :

1. Camp in a mountain where there is silence and no phone coverage and meditate.

2. Swim or soak yourself in baths with sea salt and then meditate.

All the best

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