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hildegard maas

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Unread post Fri Nov 15, 2019 8:24 pm

dos anyone get any mesages from thius photo for me from my aunt hildegard maas 10/1/1935 to 30/10/2019
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Unread post Fri Dec 06, 2019 3:31 am

Hi there gizmo6,
As it seems that no-one has responded to your request yet I would like to try & see if I can establish a connection for you. I may be a bit rusty as I've been away for a while, so I apologize in advance if I get anything wrong but I would really love to know if anything I pick up on is accurate or not as I am still learning how to do this & some things come through stronger than others so it really helps me to get feedback, whether good or bad. I would like to thank you for sharing your Aunt's photo & allowing me this opportunity.

First of all, I'm getting an overwhelming feeling of how much your Aunt Hildegard loves you & misses you & she tells me that she is incredibly proud of you & also that you have no need to fear. She comes across as a very warm individual & I can feel that you were close. I seem to be picking up something about a grandson & a niece, I believe she just wants them both to know that she is okay & is watching over them, too. She mentioned a ring & I also got an image of a dense forest: a tree-top view with lots of very tall pine or fur trees, it feels like this may have been a special place to her.
She said "tell him about the new job, he must take the new job!" She seems very adamant about that! I think that she might have called you her blue eyed boy & I feel that others may have sometimes affectionately referred to her as Hildi, as this came to mind while I typed her name above. Lastly, I got the name Josh or Joshua I am also wondering if this name means anything to you?

Please do let me know, I would greatly appreciate it! I really hope I've helped.

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Unread post Sun Dec 08, 2019 12:34 am

no not herd of the name josh or joshhua there used to be a ring that was give to my late mother it was like the number six on a dice but the ring was given a way to my mums frend and i doint know what happend to it i have a neice hazel qnd a brother derek who dosent want to know his real family. my aunt might be talking about my couises norman and oliver yes i was her blue eyed boy forset i doint know about it has been a long time sins i last seen my aunt tell her i still remmber those candle sticks i broke bye accent and my grandmothers ice cream candle hildegard allways tried to light and to remmber the picture i drew when i was a boy of all my fmaily and pets on the clouds in heaven gosh its scarey not many left of us down here on earth lol more relatives up there in heaven still her to say hi to everyone and to my mum who i miss dearly thank you

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