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what do you feel about these pic? :)

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Sun Oct 20, 2019 5:18 am

TheForlornRaven wrote:
Sat Oct 19, 2019 12:54 pm
From looking at your dad in the photo I honestly don't feel he has anything against you. In fact I see a lot of misunderstood love, he has trouble expressing it or even making sense of the jumbled up feelings he has inside. But I definitely see no malice or desire from him for harm to come to you. He just doesn't know how to properly process/express it when he's feeling sorry for your situation.

Thank you. Sometimes I do kind of think that hes just misunderstood by me or the whole family. I feel for him too cause I know he has a similar illness as me or whatever it really is.

Whenever you hear negative voices it's generally a manifestation of our own thoughts about ourselves, our fears and anxieties that we try to ignore repeating on a loop. The way to overcome them is through facing them, coming to accept them and working to improve your lifestyle so that you can truly feel love for yourself and who you are. If you're open to it, therapy sessions can help a lot with addressing these things with another person there to help you, and to plan out together how you'll work at it.
Thank you. I want to start going to therapy again. These voices just get out of control at times.
Either way, you're a really lovely person and deserve to be happy with yourself. It can be hard to make peace with our inner fears but I believe you have a very strong heart and will be able to find that liberating inner peace. Stay strong!

Thank you. As time goes by I find myself a lot more and am a lot happier. Just not as happy as I'd like. I do hope I find that inner peace I once had when I was younger again as well. I'll never give up on trying to achieve it. Thank you so much <3

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