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Question to many of you...

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Wed Aug 21, 2019 9:08 pm

If you claim you have spiritual gifts and you are doing nothing to help humanity with those gifts, why do many of you do nothing? Like you feel you possibly cannot do much or something? Or is it that it is much laziness? Or is it that many of you are apart of corrupt establishments and you would rather be a puppet to these so called puppet masters?

Why do nothing in your lives if you are born with gifts go out and help humanity with the gifts you have been given! Your not here to live the same boring ass lifestyle's over and over and over again! There is so much more to this life okay!

And if your not helping humanity and would rather be a slave puppet all your lives then what good are you!? Your either apart of the change this world needs or your against the change! Stop feeling hopeless for yourselves hope is only lost if you give up and do nothing! It's like being a puppet to this system most don't have to but some choose to! There are always choices! Make the good choices stop working for evil ass people if you are! Your better than that! Your a human being not a slave puppet all your lives! Don't bow down to those who claim they want the best for you while doing bad deeds themselves!

The world is changing now! And it's because many people are finally having the courage to take a stand, so my question to all of you born with spiritual gifts to help people but you only help a few and my question is why? Do many of you feel as if it is hopeless? Maybe because you have seen things in visions come true? Maybe you where told by beings who claim to be good when they are possibly evil just in disguise to fool you into thinking hope is lost? I will say this much any being who tells you to let it go and give up and says that humanity is set and that this life is already set for everyone, and no matter how hard we try we cannot change what is yet to come!? Let me say any being who tells you this you must always question! Because if they tell you that change is not possible then most likely the being or beings work for evil! Not all but some, for many beings come in disguise as good but could be evil to! Always know we where given free will! It is the rules to every man woman and child in this world, and we have a say so in how we can change this world for the better! There are choices we can make! Never let anything or anyone tell any of you to just give up! Because when they tell you, you must question their motives!

If I could say something it would be to have a destiny for yourselves! Stop giving up in life thinking change is not possible! If change really isn't possible then you wouldn't see mass awakening on a global scale! And I am talking about mass protest of people worldwide having enough of corruption in this world by evil people! We are the creators of our own destines! We choose to make a change or keep the world and ourselves like it is or do something to help change this world! Never think you are alone! You have those who care to change things, but sometimes you have those who give up in life!

So my question to many of you is will you help the world with the gifts you where given? Or will you only help a few? Have a destiny in your lives before passing away one day! We are here for so much more! So stop giving up! Let us work together to bring this change the world needs! For many people need help in this world, so my words are as followed...

Be the change, because if not you then who?

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