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what do

Posted: Thu Jun 06, 2019 5:18 am
by unicornshay89
what do yall see?

Re: what do

Posted: Wed Jun 12, 2019 4:17 am
by intuitiveT
hey Unicornshay,
I saw you reached out on another post to me.
I have to say you might not always like the reading you get but you will get the reading you need. This reading is for your highest and greatest good
i can tell you feel extremely unsettled and feel anxiety as i feel your anxiety in my chest.... A relationship should feel "like home" and shouldn't feel like a struggle the majority of the time... you should be happy more times than not... i just received a message that popped into my head for you... " girl know your self worth "
you are a beautiful, strong , kind, person... and you have alot to offer someone.
i feel a sense of fear and urgency in you ... a sense of panic and sadness sweetie... Lashay we cant control peoples behavior or actions no matter how hard we try or wrong we think they are ....
I feel a detachment .... and energetically had a vision of this picture of you two splitting apart ..and also saw a vision of the both of you standing at crossroads .. you on one road ... him on the other.
Our feelings about things are a gift... they alert us to the truth of a situation. try journaling to figure out what you truly feel ... is it happiness. sadness , anger , or fear. it will help you gain clarity on difficult emotions. I feel alot of hardship on your heart .... when it comes to this relationship. I see you hanging on ... hoping for things to change ... We meet certain people in our lives to teach us some of our hardest lessons to learn.
I honestly feel your wanting to be loved ... and you have every right to be loved the way you need .. the sweetest love comes from within....
I see you in the future approximately a year from now in a new relationship .... that feels like its coming from a healthier place as the energy feels ALOT lighter....
It doesnt matter what someone tells us .... its what they show us ...REMEMBER ACTIONS ALWAYS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS
I pulled a card for you its the " embrace your emotions "card. its asking you to allow your feelings to surface and be accepted. ITS NO MISTAKE this card is showing a girl clinging to the neck of a UNICORN!! . the unicorn has wings and is flying ...lifting the child above the situation ... his wings express your ability to overcome your current circumstances . you are in a period of growth and learning to better understand yourself .
Sending you love and blessings and a hug