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Reading Please, about relationship and any thing else as well. Thanks

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I pick up 2 scenes, not sure which one is correct but I'll mention them. The 1st thing Im picking up generally is a truck, I see you scratching your nose and it looks like you're talking to someone outside of a fitness place (maybe its the picture?) you seem to want to give something to someone in exchange but it appears to not be going well as they aren't or not wanting to accept what you're trying to offer or give them.

I feel you're looking to move or leave, perhaps you're looking to travel or change locations. It feels like you may want to travel and get away from things, I get a feeling of going west like some place sandy or sunny, makes me feel like Im in nevada or some desert like place.I also get a sense of a general military type energy and Im not sure if you've fished before that pops in too. I see an image of money in hand, again it seems like you're trying to pay someone but they don't want to take it. Im brought back to the image of being in a vehicle with sunglasses on, so I think there is an importance around travel or heading some place warm.

I get a sense of an event upcoming you may want to keep ane ye out for. I see a place with a camper, I get a sense of either grilling or visiting someone before travel(if you are planning on doing that). This feels like an old friend, it makes me feel like Im in the middle of the woods for some reason with this. I also randomly got a D name, maybe dave. I keep getting a feeling of visiting someone 'one last time' so this seems kind of strange to me but I thought I'd mention it in case it makes some sense. I hope you're not one to feel depressed because the imagery seems to indicate things that one might do, I didn't pick it up just a general puzzle piece put together from some of the imagery so if that doesn't make sense thats fine.

Focusing on relationships I see a young girl (maybe you have a daughter?), I see a disconnect between an lady who I see related to this. It seems like you may be heading your own way in this respect but I feel you have lots of love for those in your family( think this refers to children if you have them ). I feel like you could have been forced to do something 'forced my hand' is kind of what I hear in relation to all this. I also hear a name like 'katie' K name, something similar to 'pick up my katie' not sure what that means but thought I'd mention anything that comes in. There also comes up a feeling related to business, something about either paying an old employer or... picking up your things and traveling maybe for a business opportunity. Overall I get a sense that you have a lot to offer someone in a relationship, it seems like you have been wronged in the past and are looking to a new future or new life and I hope this picks up for you.

I hope some of this made sense, if not maybe keep it in your mind in case it comes about later. Bless.

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