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Reading please, need guidance

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Unread post Thu Apr 11, 2019 2:03 pm

If drawn I’d really appreciate a reading, won’t let me attach an image but if anything come thru I’d love to know, love and light💕 Gabby 1/23/2000

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Unread post Thu Apr 18, 2019 12:07 am

What comes to me when focusing on your username

The general energy around you at the moment feels like it involves relationships. I see a guy,
I also see a child, feel this relates in a way that kind of points towards expecting or possibly wanting
this sort of thing. I say this because I see an image of a lady in bedroom that isn't confined, seems
like its sort of has some space to it, the receiling is shaped kind of odd in that it looks like it would
be a ceiling in a loft or upstairs. I see a lady holding a baby wrapped in a blanket. This could be symbolic but thats what I saw. I also see 2 people both men who aren't boys or old men in appearance, 1 behind you and 1 in front of you, the one
behind you is darker skinned, the one in front is lighter skinned, for some reason it seems like the person behind you is helping take care of you while the person head of you seems empty, shallow or not there much for some reason.

I get the feeling that you're also looking for work or thinking about a career. I get the general sense that you want to make a good future for yourself, I also caught a glimpse of college thoughts as well or schooling, makes me wonder if these are things on your mind lately. I got a C or K name like carl, jr and a sense of someone talking about not being there for you in reference to a man, maybe an ex or current bf. I get a motherly feeling, I also get a sense of work being important or being put forward as a way to care for yourself and others, so perhaps it could relate to career change sooner than later. I get a sense of feeling lost or a little down, I also get an image of going into a home and being with family as a way of getting comfort from that, spending time with family / friends. Im not sure if you're not in a relationship but in the family / home image I see it seems to be the case in this circumstance so perhaps it points to a time in which that is the case. Kind of like 'dont worry about anything it'll be fine'. I get a feeling of taking care of a child like a daughter seems important at this time. I also get a sense of worry over income or money in relation to everything else described. I get a sense of wanting to visit a father figure, and also a sense of it being a while. Doesn't make sense to me but you appear to be holding a stuffed animal like a bear. I get a sense that life is moving a bit fast, its a little overwhelming and a general sense of feeling stuck. It seems the way forward involves work or career as I feel moving towards that direction will get you out of the rut and moving again.

I hope some of this makes sense to you but if not thats fine too. Bless.

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Unread post Thu Apr 18, 2019 3:16 pm

A lot of it made sense thank you not sure about the male with the name starting with c or k but everything else for the most part makes air of sense❤️

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