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Unread post Wed Mar 20, 2019 8:13 pm

My boyfriend and I would love a picture reading. Maybe an incline to the future together also?
-thank you Brittany

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Unread post Mon Mar 25, 2019 4:04 am

Things I pickup

I'll start with him, then her, then the future.

I feel hes a type thats had some falling out or not the fondest memories in the past regarding a parent like a father figure. I feel this person is looking to care for her, has a loving heart. I feel this person isn't overly confident, I feel this person could have a lacking in their feelings of living up to their potential. I feel this can sometimes display depressive symptoms but I feel this would be mild and not too serious. I feel this person tends to work with their hands and wants to relax when home. This person can end up exhausted and not want to think about anything when they get done working. I get a sense of a closeness with nature so perhaps this manifests in yard work or landscaping.

I feel she is a type is more outgoing, she likes to hangout with friends and wants to be included in friend related activities. I feel this person partakes in small outdoor activities so they may enjoy bonfires or hanging out grilling or something like this, I just see images of it being in the evening but bugs keep biting me. I feel this person is genuinly interested in the guy and is interested in what he has to say, is currently getting to know this person much better with each passing day. I feel something relating to a motherly energy around her as well, not sure if she lost a mum or something but it seems like shes on her mind or a large piece or chunk of herself comes from her mom, something about missing pieces or pieces of her in relation to the mother figure. I feel shes accepting of the way people are, has an above average amount of 'acceptance' or tolerance for people.

For the future, I see that he works a bunch or may end up working a lot, causing her to miss him a bit when hes away. I see compatibility though it seems like there may need to be a lifestyle change if it'll work out in the long run, seems like going out may need to occur less frequently so Im thinking 'settling down' appears to be an important decision if this relationship continues.

In the near future I see an event that could play out where it feels like its dark, Im at work or after work and Im closing up, closing a door as I hear keys/doors closing and locking up. A manager wants the girl in this picture to do something but it seems like she may have forgotten and just remembered to do it. There is also a feeling of it relating to this managers child. Any who the important part of this is to remember to not forget if anything rings a bell.

Bless and hope some of that made sense.

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Unread post Sun Mar 31, 2019 12:02 am

Thank you so much for this reading!
It was very spot on, he does work a lot of long hours about 66 hours a week. We have one day a week to spend together but it usually involves errands and doing things.
He definitely has a lot of love for me and has a genuine heart, I do get to know him more everyday, we’ve been together a year. He speaks Spanish and I speak English, we are both learning each others language.
What you said about me is spot on also it is funny you said the thing about bug bites I feel like whenever I’m outside I’m always getting eaten alive!
Thank you again for my reading!

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Unread post Sun Mar 31, 2019 2:31 am

id be honored to get a reading!!
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Unread post Sun Mar 31, 2019 4:39 pm

HumbleJ86, That looks like a very cool location, a monument of something. I am not a reader, but I would enjoy visiting that spot and your picture seems like you love the outdoors and history. I hope someone gives you a helpful reading.

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