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Hi there! Does anybody get anything from my picture?

Posted: Tue Mar 19, 2019 3:55 am
by Lilmissblueyez
I just took this pic and made sure to use no filters. I'm rockin the no makeup/bum look right now lol. I just wanted to know if anybody got anything from my pic? TIA!!

Re: Hi there! Does anybody get anything from my picture?

Posted: Thu Apr 25, 2019 3:14 am
by Lilmissblueyez
So is that a no? I hope I'm not being annoying or rude, I don't mean to be. I'm just having troubles lately

Re: Hi there! Does anybody get anything from my picture?

Posted: Thu Apr 25, 2019 6:05 am
by Weaverofdreams
Well hello there lil miss blue eyes. Problems at times are placed as to " Overcome". In looking at your picture I find that you are very confident, at least to the outwardly eye. Oh and great smile also. It like your eyes are searching, for anyone to see the real you. You are highly liked for your humor and how you place people at ease. Being of that quality at times its almost to heavy to carry. One cant be happy all the time, it is just not a human trait. Yet it would be nice I think for people, be it family, or friends. To allow you your voice, of how you truly feel, and not always be held to the expectation that you are strong you can handle itm or that you are to weak and you cant.. There are times we all need that assistance. You do have true and faithful friends, yet the answers you already know... Weaver ~ ~

Re: Hi there! Does anybody get anything from my picture?

Posted: Thu Apr 25, 2019 9:35 am
by jstanleyf
What I pick up at the moment in general

Generally the image makes me feel like you're usually a type of person that is on time. I get a sense of generallying moving from one thing to aother, so I think you're a busy type of person in general. I just see images of you making plans, moving from one location to another and keeping an eye on the time. I get a subtle feeling of a book store. I also feel like there is a link or connection with medical related profession. I saw an image of an ICU or nurse related string of images which makes me wonder if there is some connection to that. I saw a dog, looked like a fluffy one thats medium sized which makes me think you like or work with pets in some way. I feel like you don't expect too much of people in general, you tend to rely on yourself to get things done or moved along and don't tend to blame people much.
The first thing I pick up is I see you looking down at a phone, seems like you're relaxed generally and texting someone, you seem generally bored or it's quiet around in this circumstance. It seems related to asking a female friend about their health or decisions. I hear a K name, maybe karen? There is a slight feeling of not getting the responses you're looking for when asking regarding questions that seem sort of like relating to relationships. It seems like it could be related to figuring out whats going on with this person, doesn't seem like they're sharing every tid bit about it. It seems this person could have just been in an argument with their significant other or are going through something relating to fertility, having a baby or something along these lines.
I hear a name with a C like charles maybe which could link into the next scene, I see a sky line but blocking it is this concrete structure that kind of resembles a stadium. This person relates in a way as wanting to go, or wanting to take you to an event and it seems soon ish, I get something like 1 or 2, so maybe 1- 2 days or weeks.
I see a gesture, it looks like you looking into a wallet or purse and forgetting some money. It seems like its an inconvenience based on your facial expressions. If this doesn't make sense yet perhaps it ties into the event linked above, I saw the event as if you were walking down a street with roads, inbetween buildings and there was concrete like some cross walks or in a busy area.
I'm not sure if you live in the u.k or know of a place that sounds like Lon- maybe london? I see an event with a cab (saw a yellow taxi cab but could be metaphorical) or a car ride where you're in the back seat and you're looking to go some place. Seems like its raining, and I see an image of a clock face. I get a K name again, maybe kim/kimberly? Seems like its moving onto the medical side again, seems like you may be visiting or helping a friend out with their needs in this manner.
I get a sense that you could be feeling stressed lately, especially with the business of things and trying to order / line events or things you need to do up. I see an image of a waiting room but feel genreally relaxed so I think if there is anything related to that it would be okay, nothing to worry about.
I feel you're generally closer to a laid back person but you've been going through a spot of issues. I say that and see an image of a paper, seems like a form that you receive that you don't even want to look at, at this point. it seems you think about when you drive and perhaps it would work out a little better if you didn't let issues around you eat at your well being. Bless and I hope something made sense. If an event mentioned doesn't make sense now perhaps keep an eye out. If not that's okay, wish you well :)