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Wed Jan 02, 2019 10:00 am

Carissima I'm not sure what's going on with My Singing voice. One minute it sounds better than before then one minute It's all over the place. I've also quit singing for about a year. I'm not sure If I'm just psyching Myself out or not. It just seems I've worked so hard for nothing. I'm dealing with immense Anxiety and Depression as well. I can't seem to calm down and stop overthinking. I don't bring It up to My Mom because I know she has bigger issues to worry about. I guess I'm expecting for the universe to just make a miracle happen for me in the drop of a hat. I've tried to contact My spirit guides as well to see what they think I should do. I wonder what My deceased Grandma thinks is going on as well. I'm trying really hard to pretend I'm ok but, I'm not. I feel I'm not even breathing properly when I sing either. I have stomach issues so I've wondered If that had an effect on My voice. I just wish I had an answer. I have an entire playlist of songs I can sing. I feel that list is going to get really short soon. when My Mom can afford vocal lessons hopefully the coach gets me back on track, and to a good place.

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Wed Jan 02, 2019 12:22 pm

Hey dreamer96, I would suggest for you to look into meditation and research opening your heart center.
Your heart chakra is probably closed, also to take a look at opening your solar plexus, which is where most of you keep your worries, fears and anxieties, bottled and pent up emotions. You don't need a reading for this as such but take a look at opening and learning how to opening these 2 chakras first and see if that works. If in doubt also look at opening your throat chakra which is a part of where your voice is for communication and the vocal part of your chakra.

When we sing, and I know because I sing a lot in the past and am musical myself.
I am able to play piano but you ever heard the expression sing from your heart?????
Well this is why. I would recommend you to look at meditation and sing from your heart, looking
at your opening your heart chakra, solar plexus and throat chakra when you are wanting to sing
and go from there. Alternatively, have a look at guided meditation links to help you open it.
OR finding a way that works for you in opening your heart chakra as it is a part of your learning.

I might be able to come up with a new way that works for opening the heart center, though,
Will take a look when I've got some inspiration to write again and if you are about in chat,
feel free to talk to me and I can walk you through a guided meditation that I've written if you would prefer that takes you through opening your heart chakra.

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