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Pic reading please

Posted: Tue Dec 25, 2018 9:34 am
by psychodraga
The quartz on the card was given to me as part of "protection" from a former friend turned high priest. It was coupled with a bullet that has a STRONG protection spell put on it. They were both given to me during a period of duress (spelling?) With my soon to be ex. 3 years later, I'm back with said ex and I finally expose him to it and bullet and he (being a chaos magician specializing in dark magic) got the "jitters" as if it was rubbing him the wrong way. When he touched it, he said he needed to neutralize whatever was attached to it. It was given to me when the former friend found out i was involved with a person of bad legal standing (RSO...for those that dont know, registered sex offender). Upon finding out that info, I was given that quartz when I was leaving my ex and transitioning to the new relationship with the RSO. Fast forward a few years and I'm back with the ex and I finally expose him to the quartz that was given to me as a protection amulet and it gives us the bad willies. It's been giving me the bad Willie's from the beginning which is why it's been locked away. Well, tonight it got semi neutralized and buried in graveyard dirt because after the set up that is shown in the pic, that's what felt like needed to be done to it by both me and my bf.

What do you feel from the quartz on the card? Neither one of us can touch it without getting a dark hibbie jibbies feeling.

Re: Pic reading please

Posted: Wed Dec 26, 2018 7:39 am
by Tofutti

Well crystals can be infused (and magnify) the electrical charge/ intention that was put into them. Seems like your friend could see some of the dark energy coming in and out of your life and sought to offer you some protection so that you are not drawn into this time and time again and can have a chance to heal and raise your vibration away from this energy.

However! You need to do some thinking and work out if this is how you want to live your life. Sometimes we think we don’t want this type of energy in our life but we get a charge out of it or keep getting attracted back to it. You need to think on this. Ok there is some scary shite in your life... how are you attracting this to you?

If you have some doubts on the intention of the energy imbued in the crystal then release it to nature. However if you find it helpful in repelling those elements from your life (and you decide you definitely don’t want this energy in your life) then keep it close.

I note that the crystal is sitting on the Death card. This isn’t ominous... quite the opposite. This is the card of endings and new beginnings ...

Love, peace and light to you! 😀