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Fri Apr 14, 2017 6:13 pm

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The Captain
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Fri Apr 14, 2017 8:40 pm

I see a shy, beautiful personality with a great deal of sensitivity and empathy for others. Much intelligence and determination and a love of learning. But because of your retiring nature, you may be underestimated or even ignored/taken for granted by those around you. Your full talents are not appreciated because you hide them. You are afraid of being hurt, but you mustn't be afraid to let your true self shine out. I feel a hobby of yours could well turn into a full-blown career for you (love of and caring for animals, maybe?). But you need to push yourself to achieve and assert yourself more. Come out of your shell and make your dreams real in the material world, not just in fantasy. You have a lot of psychic ability but may be afraid to use it. You long for a soulmate but, until you put yourself out there, true love may prove elusive.

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Sat Apr 15, 2017 12:18 am

Your a true Empath. You carry the sorrows of the world while still doing everything you can to help them heal from their pain. You give alot of yourself and never/rarely ask for anything in return, you give until it hurts. People don't usually seem to appreaciate that though, as you often feel like the world's emotional dumping ground. They come to you, off load their problems, you accept it willingly in order to help them and then they leave, yet when you need them, they are nowehere to be found. You often feel alone. You could be in a room full of people and still feel like your alone and different, like the sense of "not quite fitting in". It's difficult for you to connect with people on a casual level because your a deeper person. Your energy draws pain ,( people in pain) to you so you can heal them. This is often exhausting and you find yourself wanting to be left alone and feeling drained alot. This may come across as feeling frustrated or even emotionally shut down at times, but these times are essential to recuperate. Because of your self sacrifice, and I'm hearing the sacrifices you make at work, it's important to make the time for you. Take a warm bath and soak, meditiate, I'm hearing"clear the mind from all the clutter". The Angels are wanting you to take a break :) I'm hearing "to much stress". Maybe it's just the pic, but it feels like you need to take a break from the day to day stresses and spend some time doing something fun or relaxing, I'm hearing "just get away". Sometimes this isn't always possible, but even a weekend retreat in the middle of nowhere, but a place you usually go to find peace and comfort, this would do you wonder's. Do you like the mountains, I just saw some type of house or cabins, tall trees, and forest like. Hmmm, it sounds like you may be into like the chakras, reiki or something to that effect, I just heard cleansing the chakras. I'm also picking up an older male standing behind you. He feels like a grandfather type and is crossed over. He has a very strong light energy around him and smiling. Bare with me, not to good with crossed over spirits, but his personality is very loving, kind, and smiling, his smile,seeing him smile just makes you want to smile. I hope I get his age right, but he looks to be in his mid 50's? He looks fairly young, but older. IDK, maybe he's your dad or someone that was like a dad to you. Idk, he seems kind of like a jokster, though, Always a happy and likes to kind of tease people a little, nothing harmful, but just very light hearted. Well, I'm going to let this go for now, I see him, he's standing right behind you :) He's just laughing and said something about photo bombing your pic. If you noticed anything moving around or out of place at times, he said he's responsible for it. I think he just wants to let you know he is happy and having a blast, and that he is with you. Did you know your a Medium? not sure if this ability in you have opened fully and developed yet , but your a Medium. You don't seem to have any specific question, just curious what people see in you and if there is any messages or guidance about...anything... really:) If that changes, let us know, but yeah, the only real message I'm getting right now is to take a break, relax and meditation keeps coming up. It's more about clearing the mind and opening the heart. I'm also hearing "follow your intuition." Crossroads, like your wanting to make a change, career wise or wanting to pursue something different. I think it will take a little time, but I think if you continue to work on it on the side, I'm seeing it will open your abilities to a newer level and the route will evolve, it will change. Meaning, (this is just an example), say you did Yoga classes on the side and wanted to pursue this as a career. This side endevour would only be a steeping stone and will lead you to something similar, but different. Meaning you will find hidden talents and abilities by opening this door that will lead you down a different direction then you normally envisioned and it will continue to grow, to change and evolve just as you are while walking down this path. This one endevour will open your mind to the possibilities of other things and will grow, if that makes sense. Just don't let yourself get overwhelemed. Visions can often take us to higher points then what we are ready to see and you don't want to defeat the goal before it's even started. Take the first step, enjoy it and when you are ready for the next step, you'll know, you'll be ready for it. I feel it's important for you to not only stay grounded, but to live freely. Yes, we all have responsibilities, but it's ok to let some things go, to not force other things, just to go with the flow, to take the risk, see where it goes and not worry about the ending just yet. We, as humans often want to see the end result so we can decided whether or not it's worth our time, but it's the not knowing and taking the risk, whether win or loose, it's the journey that's important because it will always yield the necessary lessons and skills we need to move us into our next direction. If you read the beginning of the book and then just skip to the end, you miss the beautiful story and details in between :)
Anyway's, it look like you got a couple of readings and maybe other's will chime in. I hope both of us has helped you.
Blessed Be,Angel

The Captain
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Sat Apr 15, 2017 1:07 am

Later on, I saw an image of you, Aprilr81, standing in a storm being struck multiple times by lightning, but remaining unharmed because your feet were firmly buried in the earth. This image, I feel, is a message that you can survive anything that life 'hurls' at you if you just ground yourself in all things natural.

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Sat Apr 15, 2017 7:09 pm

Hi April81

you have an inner glow about you, the beauty is of you goes deeper than the surface, you’ve got a lovely outer layer of golden aura, which is your well of information, you’ve been questioning your set of beliefs lately maybe even thinking about things a little bit too much, clouding your inner vision, and sense of direction.

There’s a lovely hue of pink surrounding you though and you have a connection to the silver moon which is full. you’ve been wishing on stars as well, but you’d feel comfortable within and under a night’s sky that is illuminated by the stars. you’ve been working with the sacral chakra as of late, there is a situation around you which has confusion like you are shaking your head to clear your thoughts and conscious patterns of energy that is within this situation, this is coming in too close to home for your liking, causing you to feel shaken in your beliefs, almost a feeling of uncertainty, like you aren’t sure as to where you are going, but deep down inside you know where you are headed on your path and what it is you want to do - look within yourself to find the answers that you seek.

there’s also a distance around you, linking into your past, you are strong though and can overcome this feeling of fearfulness that is within you, there is someone around you offline although could be now more online that you’ve been holding at arms length almost as though you aren’t too sure whether or not to trust them completely, this is someone who can come across as not impressed when they don’t get their own way, but you are being assured not to worry or stress over this as karma is dishing out what’s needed to be met out and justice is being served to heal the dismay from their end of the lines. This feels also like a friend that got a bit too close in the past, but know that LOVE and divine light is surrounding this situation bringing you the much needed reassurance that it is indeed at work around you and keeping you safely protected.

Going back to chat now April81, hope that is helpful!

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Mon Apr 17, 2017 3:45 am

Hi April <3

Same april from chat right?

I feel the same as what I got in class for you but i'll explain more

The sage: symbolic of areas in life that need to be worked on and renewed, refreshed, or just simplified

I specifically saw a friendship circle, i say friendship but this is generally people around you. I feel like some efforts aren't being appreciated fully. Taken for granted as The Captain put it, I agree as i'm picking up on similar
So the message here I have for you is to place some awareness on what's serving you right now , and what (or who) is wasting your time, or taking and taking without returning, or just simply not appreciating your efforts. Adjust how much time you give them.

The red flower: This was passed on to you as a reminder that although success seems further away (and by success, they explain that this is your ideal outcome , one which you'd like to see) although it seems far to reach, you're making growth. So now isn't a good time to make major changes in career or housing.
Thoughts such as ''It wont work so I may as well settle for this'' they're saying no here to you, keep on, your results are going to show. You can commit.. You can trust, dont make any big decisions right now :)

Other than this. You are a smart, wise lady, you have good leadership skills. You are warm and friendly, but dare I say you're a little quiet (not a bad thing) but I see you as an observer in life. One who listens carefully, one who thinks outside of the box, one who makes good judgement of character and a quick-thinker. One who is calm when others are flailing about. You have many qualities, I hope you see a few in yourself too.

"Promise me you'll always remember: You're braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think." - A. A. Milne

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Mon Apr 17, 2017 7:46 pm

Thank you all for your reads. Gives me a little more insight to myself and where I need to improve.

Entara Mae
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Mon Apr 17, 2017 9:03 pm

I can't really add anything that others haven't already said, but the impression I got when I looked at your picture was "Scared to death", which, please correct me if I'm wrong, is probably being afraid of what you would hear coming back at you with the post. This strikes me as a brave move to post a pic of yourself, then. Which is good. :)

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