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Spiritual reading of my brother

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Unread post Sun Oct 21, 2018 7:17 am

Hello and good day.Im asking please if someone can look at this picture and feel drawn to it or him anything that does would be amazing thank you so much I've been waiting so long to find anyone or a way to find answers I guess so this I hope helps
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thank you

Aussie Lass
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Unread post Sun Oct 21, 2018 3:07 pm

A fun-loving guy who liked a drink and partying hard with his few close buddies but quiet/reserved around strangers. Very intense, if he liked someone he'd walk across hot coals & lay down his life for them, but if he disliked someone he had his reasons & stood by his gut instincts & was not 2-faced - if he didn't like someone he wouldn't pretend, he'd just take himself away from them.
Very fond of a particular type of music (I don't know what to call the genre though, it's kind of a mix I can't describe), liked it LOUD when it wouldn't offend or interrupt others, and loved a particular type of car much more so than others, but he was interested in all others too, just one type more than the rest - I'm getting old and fast cars.
Battled and worked hard for everything in life, nothing came easy to him, and deep down he was very soft and insecure, this would manifest in a very cocky outward behavior at times to mask the insecurity he tried to hide. Whatever he did, he pushed himself to be the best he could possibly be at it until he got it - mechanical stuff especially.
Could have a very short fuse at times, especially if someone close to him was being hurt/bullied, or, when he believed he was 100% right, nothing would convince him otherwise.
Animals - I need to think on that, it's the wee small hours at the moment & I'm exhausted, but animals are significant, and his relationship to some was very different to what it was with others. Will come back to that.

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Unread post Mon Oct 22, 2018 3:58 am

Aussie pass I just want to thank you did any nickname come across he use to call me or any strong answers on anything I was very impressed most of what you said was true about him he was always listening to his music he like old School rap and new but he listen to country also he liked working on vehicles with my grandpa and love older trucks cars he was always imsecure and came across like you said I really appreciate this I know that I was very nervous bout reading and it was good it made me remember things from childhood of us also if you see anything else maybe more serious please let me know but I really am so grateful you did great job and whom ever used you or get reading is lucky have a blessed day

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Unread post Mon Oct 22, 2018 4:26 am

I feel I'm off to a great start I would like to keep this open to anyone that feels drawn or has anything to add I'm just hoping to complete a puzzle so to say but this first one was good with Basic start and surprised me so I'm very pleased so far thank you again for all the people that help your amazing

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