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my fav picture please read

Posted: Mon Aug 28, 2017 9:32 pm
by dragoneyez

Re: my fav picture please read

Posted: Fri Sep 01, 2017 5:56 pm
by CelticRose
Hi Dragoneyez. The first word that springs to mind with this picture is Mystic!
If I could request feedback from you too - I'd truly appreciate that. Either here or on my bio thread would be lovely, thanks! It lets us know if we are on track, or not with our intuition. :hugs:

You are a down to earth fellow with a mischievous and playful sense of humor. You prefer being outdoors in nature and seeing what there is to be seen. This photo feels a very relaxed scenario showing you your true self as to what you could be if you truly wanted to be. There is a feeling of conflict though around you of an argument that has been happening whether or not its you arguing with yourself over a matter that has arisen in your regular day to day life its almost a feeling as though you are at loggerheads with it and are not sure or hesitant as to which way you ought to be going in life. You are very much country orientated, though, and a lover of nature. There is also a yearning to dig deeper into the mystic and the spiritual lifestyle to craft a path on the natural sense of the world. The world in this photo is an old world, one that has been reborn over time.

You have a beautiful red aura in this photo around you, its more deeper red than anything which tells me that you have a lot of tendency to keep your feet firmly on the ground and are not likely to wander but you also like to daydream and meditate too when you can find the time. Around you also being shown in imagery form now I can see like a snowshower taking place on a lovely wintry day where you have been sitting down perhaps escaping from every day regularity and its all cosy, but this imagery shows the visionary as you looking out of that window and thinking over some of the things that you ought to be doing.... focusing .... I'm also being shown the flickering fireside of a time where you spent next to a hearth fire... its surrounded by stones as a mantlepiece... there are ornaments and trinkets on top..... in red and gold... very detailed patterns actually looking more like miniature elephants etc all lined up...

i'm also getting the sense of unbalance in the solar plexus chakra with you here too.... as though you have been in a situation and feeling like you are on edge of your seat a bit can't wait to get started on new ideas and new inspiration, feel there will be news that has been long awaited for too with this, like you are finally being given the OK as encouragement to go on with the projects you have been thinking about - are you into computer art at all like photography/art? It brings to mind documentaries and watching artistic pieces being created as well.....

also sense a blue energy that shows a bit of sadness too like heartache being suffered around you also with a lot of loss and a bereavement/passing, someone just recently gone home to spirit in your family, just being told to say they are well and healed and will come through when they feel you are ready to connect, it may not be instant, but just be patient on that one....

also, 25th november is being given as a date along with change in circumstance, there will be a bit more hopefulness surrounding this because this will bring you further purpose and a sense of meaning to living this life and path and doing what you are doing is the right thing. believe in yourself dragoneyez, in your intellect and in your instincts. they won't ever let you down.

lastly i see a whirling wind around you which seems like a bit of a tornado, but its actually your own emotions kicking in now the wind is very clearing, and while it may seem like its behaving erratically, it still knows its direction and is the center of attention, this is in connection with a younger female 20s-30s around you who may feel like she's in for a rocky rollercoaster ride, the feeling on this though will pass and subside into peacefulness, it shouldn't be too long either from a few weeks on-wards up to a month difference of time frame. The bond with you and your family by the way is very close, even though there are some missing, they are watching over you in spirit. Always with you and around you!

Well that's all from me Dragoneyez hope all is well with your and yours
Peace & Blessings...

Re: my fav picture please read

Posted: Fri Sep 01, 2017 9:19 pm
by Samanthaj
Hi Dragon :hugs:

This is going to be short Dragon but here goes

I see a lot of success with younger adults in your family in the coming year, 2018. I feel as though bigger dreams will be fulfilled with them. Especially your daughter ( I'm assuming is your daughter) :thumbsup: The lady in the back of this photograph.
I see so much joy and good times coming for you all. The male on the left (beside yourself) He's going to find a lady who is good for him . :thumbsup:

For you and the lady behind you.. I see you can finally rest in coming months. Quality time spent together, and a much longed for 'ending' .. closing of a stressful chapter is nearing. Peace and relief will be coming to you both before the year is up

Congratulations on climbing Snowdon :boogy: how amazing.. I love how you all spend this quality time together.. so nice.

Take good care .

Sam j