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Upcoming Changes?

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Unread post Mon Aug 28, 2017 3:32 pm

What are the upcoming changes about to happen in my life?
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Unread post Thu Sep 07, 2017 6:55 pm

April81 - upcoming changes

The first thought picked up in relation to your photo is the word of pine- which brings the thought also of you’ve been thinking about redecorating your home a bit as of late, you feel comfy also around wooden type of scents- cedar wood and sandalwood spring to mind in with this and cream/beige/lighter colourings in your home as this helps you to feel a little more eased & relaxed and make you feel calmer and comfortable springs to mind in with this photo.

ok looking beyond your photo now with genuine & positive intention to see your energy
I am picking up that your energy is very yellowy golden in vibration, this is your first outer layer of the aura that I’m seeing

you have had a situation around you which took place around about the 3rd of june this year where money seems to be involved and its also in connection with the home- want to say you are looking to move or there is a shift in location as to where you are at the moment in life living-wise, i’m being shown that you are keeping busy though to take your mind off of things and the worries that you have been having, you feel that if your mind is occupied then there is no call for the room to worry, you have been questioning this as well and i also see shuffling of documents around you papers that needing sorting or organizing and putting to the top of the pile in relation to this, you are being asked to prioritize so that the important tasks and assignments that you know you need doing gets done and sorted and meeting the deadlines to be in by work wise/also feel a shift or change in career such as a promotion if you aren’t in a job at this moment in time there is an opportunity headed your way up to a matter of 2 weeks to a month difference in time frame…closer to the first though not the latter… but there may be a bit of a delay or wait for it as it is connected to a decision that your heart has decided on firmly that it wishes to do and be the best for your family and friends that you’ve trusted to be around you- there was someone a while go in your distant past where it feels like you had gotten hurt and felt vulnerable after this encounter, i’m sensing this was to do with a female but with a very masculine energy about her, so either a female very in touch with her masculine energy sense of self or wanting to say someone who was friends with a male and who was someone who you trusted or thought you trusted to the point where you knew them from online….more so than offline… but when you sense their energy something about them was amiss and you’ve kept them at a good level of distance for a very good reason… you are being asked to TRUST In this because your instincts are not wrong at all….

looking beyond this wall of text i also see that there is white cloudy energy surrounding you and your path which seems like confusion & bewilderment, but at this point, i’m also being shown that these clouds are indeed clearing and any disillusionment will disperse and you will find the answers that you seek through guided meditation and by soul searching within your awareness/higher self

you’ve been given a shuttle feathered one for some reason-the kind they use in the sport of badminton….this is symbolic to show that you are very light landing on your feet too… know when to pick yourself up again and rise on…this is symbolic as if to say you are as light as a feather at the moment in your heart you are working through trying to find your voice at the moment, this is symbolic for the pressure in your heart that is easing up as you work your way through the heartache, you also have AA Gabriel working around you too helping you to co-create inspiration and artwork in a project you have on the go at the moment- feel this is in referral to craft which is just an outlet to keep you going when the going gets tough and difficult,

i’m being shown that the road ahead is clear and the worst of the storm is over for you
you are a very nature based person as well and also being shown the image of an Oak tree; oak trees are wise and knowledgeable and adept at offering insights to hidden knowledge or memories we thought were lost and suppressed…. seat and ask the oak tree to help you reconnect with yourself and higher instincts….i’m being given also the message that you are helping other animal friends in your line up of work, you care for them a lot and this is your empathy shining through for those that come in that you help, there is a decision in relation with this here though you have been thinking about and its bringing you in a sense of doubt as to whether or not you can do the work that’s required of you, this is in relation to an upcoming promotion that is happening in and around march 1st.(future not set in stone) it is going to be an easier journey now, obviously not as hard as before, you’ve learned from the past though on that and are taking it on board with you, trust in yourself, good things will come to you when the timing is right. you have accomplished a lot and determination is key to move forward.Changes are happening but may take patience to adjust and manifest positively into your life.

hopefully that helps April81- peace and blessings :hugs:

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Unread post Thu Sep 07, 2017 7:41 pm

Thank you so much Celtic!

I have been thinking of re-locating where I live, but not sure when or how.

I did have some financial issues that did happen around beginning of June. I had some other personal things that went on that I don't want to divulge on right now.

I have been working at a retail pet store since mid-July as a groomer's apprentice. I have felt a bit overwhelmed with it, but it keeps my mind busy and not think about what happened. I am hoping to sign up for grooming academy in the Spring through the store. I do have my doubts about being able to do my job there because of feeling under experienced. Trust and faith keep me going. I LOVE working with all the different dogs that come in. They are like a therapy for me.

Recently I have been processing feelings from a past relationship with a female, who hurt me beyond words. I have been keeping her at a distance because she lied to me about a lot of things. A few friends have helped me process through my feelings and told me to write angry letters to her, but burn them. I have done that and it does help.

Thank you again!

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