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Unread post Sun Jul 29, 2018 10:17 pm

jstanleyf wrote:
Sun Jul 29, 2018 6:52 am
unguided insights
I feel that there has been a passing around you, feels like about 2 - 3 years ago. I see an image of a man that doesn't
seem to have much hair on his head, seems above average in build, not over weight more muscular. I'm not sure
if there was a romantic interest but I also got brother so I'm not sure if there are 2 distinct connections or just 1 . I also , I get a sense of a more distant
past in time so it appears as though you've been down a little lately I believe, when I say this I don't feel like
you've been down 100%, it appears there are birthdays, holidays, days of the year where you can relax and be yourself
with friends, you're not totally crushed. When I end that sentence I feel as though you've been making strides in your
personal development, mostly learning to move forward, pick up the pieces and "be you" comes to mind. I feel you've
grown in areas over the past few years in terms of accepting who you are, not worrying as much about what other people
think of you, it feels more like stability, yet when I say stability it doesn't feel like that's the right word I
should use. I feel like you're moving on but a part of you is still left behind, it feels like it could hold you back
in regards of happiness but it doesn't seem like you necessarily are ready to let go or want to. I also got a small
hint of a military reference or feeling so I'm wondering if there is a military connection there, maybe you know of
someone who served related to this.

I get drawn to somewhere like Texas, I'm in the u.s so I'm not sure if its naturally Texas or just "west" of me/you.
I'm also remind of a scene I saw earlier, where you can rely on a mom for comfort yet when I see the image of you talking
to a mother It feels like its from the heart and something about it doesn't seem natural or "normal" the energy feels
distant, yet homely, I see a dim room, with red shades or hues in the back ground like its not fully lit, its like you're praying to mom/ someone motherly to help you through or provide guidance in your life.

I heard some names so I'm not sure if I'm off with these
"Ja" name like "Jack" sounding name with relation to the 1st gentleman I spoke about, maybe Jed?

I'm taken to a place in nature, I hear birds chirping, I feel the wind on my face, I see a book and it looks like
you're reading it. I get a sense of college or learning around you yet when I say that it feels like you're also
working. It feels like I'm taken to a dorm looking room, when I say "dorm" it just looks like a small-ish area so I'm guessing its a dorm or something like that, yet I also hear a cell door closing, I feel outside
the door, looking down, doing a motion similar to maybe looking for keys or unlocking the door, there is a sense
of loneliness for some reason associated with this, then comes a feeling of stress, flopping on the bed to relax so I'm guessing this relates to you in some way?

I see a chest, with things inside, when I see it open it feels like someone wants to encourage you from the other
side to "pick up your toys" per say, by taking them out of the chest and this relates to spiritual matters. It seems
like someone around me in spirit wants to encourage you to think in a way when you were young, I feel you may have had
an interest in spiritual matters yet seem busy in life at the moment to pursue them. it seems like there is a singular
focus that feels important in relation to ... something "down the line" or in the future, seems kinda similar to a goal
you're really looking to achieve something, like a degree, certification or milestone of this sort. I also get a feeling
of moving back or being back with family down the line, this seems related to the future. It feels like you're a free
spirit, what I mean by that is I see you being independent yet call or talk to mom in some way from time to time. A symbol
of the heart seems important and a knowings that spirit will be there for you. That reminds me, I forgot to mention
some horses I saw, so I'm not sure if this is important to you also, I see you petting / patting one on the neck,
this in some way ties into home or the Texas/west reference earlier. I also see an anniversary for a grandmother
coming soon, I see '28' or 'about a month' or something relating to a unit of a month but when I say month I feel that "too far" so maybe before that?

Finances I feel will come more strongly with a "west" reference, not sure if you've ever visited California, I see
you being a "editor" type for lack of words, I see lights or lamps, maybe photography or reporting/writing or blogging

Spirituality seems like it may not be at the forefront but it feels like someone wants to encourage you to revisit past beliefs in an open minded kid sort of way

I hope this helps in some way. I'm a bit rusty but looking to practice read and coming back into doing mediumship/psychic things.
Thank you for your time. Much appreciated.

You were so spot on. My husband is getting a bit bold, he is muscular, he served in the army in the special forces. I am from europe, but the home in texas could refere to my dad who lives in California and his wife has 4 horses.

My grandma is very sick, not it even sure if she would make it to her birthday her birrhday is 8/8 the fact that you were able to tell sonething about her means something for me she is very important.

I am in college, i study communications and multimedia design. So the photography, repkrting, writing and blogging really fall in place. Were are getting trained for those jobs and some others ofcourse, its a course for turning i to an allround designer.

The names, the sound of jed, it could maybe have been sev, thats how i call my husband. I think the american cant really prenounce sev well the way we do in european accents. Maybe thats why.

Only praying to my mom seems off since she is still alive. We do talk alot same goes for my mother in law shes wonderfull gives me some very usefull advices.

I will look into my spiritual side and trying to figure out what way of thinking i used to have.

Anyways thank you so much for your thoughts, guidness, time, and effort. It is much appreciated and i hope i helped you in your own personal growth and development.

Lots of love,


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