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Can someone give me a reading?

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Unread post Wed Jul 04, 2018 10:17 pm

Hi, I was just wanting to know if anyone could give me a reading regarding my family, love life, financial situations, future career choices, or even myself in the future. I've been through a lot of stuff over the past several years, and it feels like my self-esteem has went down for the past little bit. I don't want to say too much, but here's a picture of me. If anyone needs it, my birthday is June 17, 1997. :)


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Unread post Wed Jul 11, 2018 6:03 pm


I can sense a feeling of sadness. you're a tough guy. bit of an attitude sometimes. ppl often misjudge come across as bold to most ppl. you are kind and gentle and ppl just need to know you as you are inside. alot of warmth coming from you. i see career wise that you will be successful in achieving what you want but not in the near future. there are alot of ppl who will be preferred before you. but eventually maybe in a year time you will be more comfortable in doing something you enjoy. love life not seeing anything serious or any development soon there. you have supportive family who will continue to be there for you.

Hope this helps. please leave feedback.


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Unread post Tue Jul 17, 2018 1:25 pm

Hi tford9 - This rune is for your distant past.

this rune is peorth-

there is a quietness around you also a inner but deep feeling of peace as you have been laying emotional feelings of frustration and general sadness to rest, you are now feeling so much more free and easy in your own skin that you feel less doubtful of yourself and more sure of your choices that you've made in your life. emotionally you are learning how to love again and clear your inner emotions and you feel deeply at ease within your heart center too, there is a sense of cloudiness like you are unsure and uncertain on some financial things but you are so much more clearer-headed now than what you used to be- its as though you are putting your trust in yourself and are stepping forwards into the new regime of energy that is around you.

you are moving forwards in leaps and bounds now too and its like you have come a long way in such a short space of time, you are developing and with that comes a personal sense of self-worth as well as inner vision, clarity, you are being asked to express yourself more via communication and relay what you mean into words to put across to another, there is a situation around you which requires communication on a loving sense of the word, you are being asked to trust in the heart's word purely because the heart knows best what's right for you.

you are also being told to RELAX, as well as far as the materialistic side of things come into fruition, all is happening as it is meant to in the divine flow of things and you are not really taking in the bigger picture, there is only good opportunities ahead now, and sure, there might be there odd obstacle that you have to overcome but you have oodles of inner strength within you in order to tackle that obstacle now, you have got a partnership happening around you too helping you accept you for whom you truly are, trust in that partnership opportunity, this person is also someone with a soft-heart/big heart, there is a lot of love overflowing there and is definitely someone you want to be with in the genuine sense of the word possible. don't be afraid to trust in it either as spirit have your back too in protection from your past. the past is not happening again so best to just forgive any that cause you heartache and injustice and to ask for angels to heal any form of negativity in situations from your past that have happened on the relationship side of things and to count your blessings in being thankful for whom you've got in your life that truly want to be there!!!

Next rune- is is the rune for present.

I'm shown the visual of an open bag of coins - seems like you've been saving up for going away on a holiday or a dream that is not yet completed with regards to studying/education, perhaps an interest in doing a diploma course, i'm being given the sense in with this too that co-creation of opportunities in manifestation is also on your side in a positive way, that if you manifest and put serious belief in your dreams, the universe will assist in making waves to make them happen. You are actually a Mr Fix it kinda person as well, very good with your hands in terms of creation and fixing things, you are being asked to mend this situation in your life with money, but also know that reassurance is there if you need it from your loved ones around you. Your heart knows best truly for you. You are looking at things with a new perspective even now as this is typed. Don't be a stranger, after this read has been posted. You are feeling disconnected as well with development as of late, its like you are in a tunnel with no way out, but there is a light at the end of this tunnel, you are half way along it, so keep going!!

Last rune - future - though not set in stone!!

Divine Intervention rune - gebo - gift

You have been blessed with a gift given to you from those that know you and from those in spirit/universe setting you back on track. The intervention is the inner peace you will receive from knowing that everything is panning out the way it is meant to in your life due to divine timing and you are healing from the past, and learning the new ways of materialization, you are being asked to let out that breath you are holding as a sigh of relief, you can breathe and rest easy now, the only way forward is the way up!

Hope this helps tford9. Peace & Heartfelt blessings to ya.

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Unread post Tue Jul 17, 2018 1:48 pm

I have always sensed a strong spirit around you and you have a bright future. As for your love life, I will be here for you no matter what. Even if its not with me, someone would be blessed to have you at their side. I see that you have struggled in the past and it has made you stronger. For you I see winds and ocean swirled together, maybe because of stormy waters but the thing to remember is that storms are only temporary and the sun will come out again.

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