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Message from heaven

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Hi Kimmi. I feel that this woman was a very strong person with a joyful character & a gentle nature who was very wise, loving & extremely proud of her family. I sense that this lady had multiple children & I feel like I'm picking up 2 sons, in particular, possibly?

I also get the impression that she didn't like to be told what to do & much preferred to be the one to give advice rather than the one to take it. She loved to help others but she also knew when to put her foot down. I picture her standing with her hand on her hip as if to show she is in control because she could be stern when she needed to be but was otherwise cheerful and funny, if not a bit sarcastic, at times, perhaps?

I perceive her to be very down-to-earth but also, very smart & totally switched-on to what was going on around her. It seems as though she may have had intuitive ability, I think she could tell if someone was a good or bad 'egg' straight away & could spot a liar a mile off.

I also feel that she went through a lot in her life & I can't shake the feeling that perhaps her husband passed away before her. Is this lady your grandmother? I hear her calmly telling you to 'stay strong.'

Please let me know if I have got anything right or even if it's all completely wrong! Either way, it will help me to know when I am really 'tuning in'. Blessings!

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Wow.Wow wow..that's my Nan on,she has 6 children 4 girls 2 husband passed many years before which lead toto raising children as a single.parent.xx

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