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Relationship reading please

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Unread post Sat May 12, 2018 11:35 pm

Relationship reading New.pic
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Unread post Tue May 15, 2018 6:43 pm

It's very difficult to do picture readings with filters blurring out the features. Can you post pics in both of your questions without filters?

Thank you,

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Unread post Sun Jun 03, 2018 4:48 am

ok is this better.x

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Unread post Wed Jul 04, 2018 2:56 pm

Hi Kimmi,
Without judging I will just tell you how I see it. Hope you don’t mind.
This relationship is full of passion but maybe not much of mutual understanding and communication. It’s a karmic struggle.
I can tell that you guys are going through some kind of improvements.
He is called to invest in this love. I think maybe you are putting pressure on him to try harder in some areas of your relationship. It is the time when things get evaluated. You are observing him but you are also being observed. And for the time being you are both stuck. There is a conflict in his heart perhaps he does not feel appreciated for things he does but he’s feelings remain unheard.
Either because he does not speak up or because you are not willing to listen. The way I see it could be both.
Disharmony, luck of communication, you guys are not on the same page. Maybe you need to pay more attention to what he is saying to you. Perhaps one of you is making plans without consulting each other. I feel you are frustrated and not feeling secured. Make sure you are not being selfish wanting something for nothing or victimizing yourself.
I hope this has been helpful. I would love to hear a feedback from you.
Much love x

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Unread post Tue Jul 10, 2018 9:48 am

I get an indication of a perfect blend of what appears opposite temperaments, like two personalities come together to create the ideal harmonious unity. Also adjustment to another person’s way of communicating. Patience. Forgiveness. Balance. Friendship. Cooperation. Reconciliation. Gentleness. Time heals all wounds. Take it easy one day at a time. Tolerance. A new venture / beginnings optimism. Don’t know why I get stuff to do with conception growth baby? New surprises and the release of a vision by taking matters into your own hands. Passion. All systems go lol so to speak moving towards achieving goals. Stagnation delay whatever it was is ending. Excitement in the air. Full of energy. Better self-care. Growth of relationship at a faster pace. Understand in which direction the relationship is moving so you don’t get overtaken by the pace.
In the past I see despair doom and gloom, pain, sad, upset, mental agony but these now will not seem so bleak and this was in the past. The suffering was an aftermath of previous difficult circumstances. It blocked allot of your light. These worries and concerns from the past do not need to plague you now regarding relationships. I get the feeling this has caused anxieties previously.
This is a significant important love relationship between these two. Choice and major life decisions before next stage of development commitment. The union is blessed.
The pain of whatever it was before is ending its now in the final stages before it was unbearable. The worst is over, recovery can take place. Common ground and a reach of compromise between two opposing views can be found. Reconciliation.
Openness and delight. Perfect unity dispel all doubt a bright future ( don’t know why I’m getting a year time wise) and why the word marriage pops up as well (I don’t know if that’s a future thing or you already are like a married couple). Joy celebration happiness all looks quite positive if you stay on the right track.
Acknowledge your own part in building the relationship. You must continue to work on the small things of everyday life in order to make a fulfilling and rewarding one.
Fears and doubts of hard work, responsibilities, burdens bla bla you do have the strength and energy to complete the task your passion and ambition will drive you forward. Learn you cannot do everything. Learn to delegate. Otherwise things like this will effect plans. Learn to develop a better appreciation of your limits. Overworking can lead to health problems. Don’t take on the projections of others to your own detriment. Don’t be blinded by other peoples views otherwise this blinds us to our own goals ambitions values.
There maybe deeper patterns from your own childhoods at play here that should also be recognised.
Deal with old memories .
Choose to empower yourself! Practice the power of choice. Choose the quality of the mood you want- that is whether your adopt a positive or negative attitude- the choice is up to you 
Realize that you have the ability to enhance your life each day.

All the Best Love & Light

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