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Looking for a reading. Career specific, hopefully!

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Unread post Sun May 06, 2018 4:58 pm

Trying to choose between two paths. Not really sure what to do! See anything? Which way should I go?

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I'm hearing "Make the world a more beautiful place." I don't know if that means you're into the beauty scene, or you help animals, plants or people, but whichever direction gives the world color and beauty, that is what you are meant to do. Good luck!

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I am new at this so here goes
I think you are looking at nursing or caregiver .
Or travel. I also got realtor
You have an adventurous spirit

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Career Path - to which path do you take? (working with animal cards here)

You are a carefree kinda person but you also carry a vast amount of doubt on your shoulders in relation to the direction of the journey that you are going and headed to. You are stood here at a crossroads wondering which path to take, but the decision that you are questioning yourself about, you are being asked to shed the old feelings of doubt and fearfulness like you aren't good enough for the path you are headed towards and truly pluck up courage to go for it, because deep down inside you are good enough for ANY path or course of direction that you hope to take - it is a mind over matter situation that you are currently facing. You have questions to be answered and life has thrown you for six on the path you were on already but its okay to deviate from your journey. You are being asked to use meditation as a technique to quieten your mind down though as you tend to get rather cluttered in thoughts and behaviour patterns of emotions that ignite and spark feelings of distrust within you.

You are being asked to change your ways and to pay attention to the things that you can change, but not to stress over the things you can't change. You have lately succeeded on a project that was abandoned for a time but is now nearing the stages of completion, because you have been putting hard work and your energy into it , you are now reaping the rewards that are being sown from it. this is a creative project like you've been writing a book, or co-creating artwork of some description, that has been on a backburner for sometime, but because you've been working with it every day its now nearing the stage of completion.

I also get the sense from your photo that you are good with money and keeping savings intact, i also hear the words financial department, you are particularly good with logic and the financial side of things keeping abreast of the situations where money is concerned, not to say that you don't have enough coming in, you do but its in a different form of money/materialistic wealth & abundance.

You are being asked to TRUST that an opportunity will make its way to you soon, though naturally it is all part of the parcel of trusting in the sense that an opening will open soon, you know deep down that not everything in life is handed down to you on a silver platter, that you do have to put everything of what you have got into a work in progress situation and work with what you got, strengthwise and giftwise.

You are also not one to rock the boat unless you deem its necessary, preferring to remain in your comfort blanket zone rather than take risks, things may be a slow and dormant process but know that the much needed changes are indeed happening and coming with the shifts that are happening daily around you. You have gone forward from an old transition to a new transition of an old chapter and a new beginning is now in sight.

Be sure you don't render yourself speechless though or lose your voice in the process. Look after yourself and put your needs first before approaching other peoples' else your voice would become lost or suppressed in the process of finding what you are looking for.

Lastly, Use your own intuition and innate ability to work with the guiding energy around you so as to determine your way forwards. You are a naturally perceptive person as well so perception comes naturally to you, utilize your senses to determine the path forwards for you, even while at times there might be unknown factors, know that the choice is yours at the end of the day as to which path you take.

Learn to relax by water and to use the energy of water to calm yourself down if at any rate you feel stressed, or flustered over a worry or a burden, the flow of water or falling water will assist in calming yourself completely to the point of inner peace so that when you do find time to search within for answers, you can begin to listen to your voice, your higher self and your heart, trusting it will let you know what your pathway forwards is.

Love sent from here to surround situation. This is all I managed to pick up - CR :peace:

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