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Hope for my daughter

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Unread post Sat Apr 14, 2018 11:57 pm

I'm really wondering will my daughter father ever come back into her life to support her n help out financially it's a struggle for me everyday as a single mom n I have a break down because I feel like I'm not a good enough mom for my daughter I just feels like she deserves both parents me and his sister message on FB from time to time but she doesn't ever tell me much about him I'm wondering has he seen pictures of her. I really want to start YouTube channel for single moms and wirte books to see if I will get people to support me! I don't wanna be wrkn low pay 9-5s all my life with my daughter I Kno in my heart that's not what will make me happy

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Unread post Thu Apr 19, 2018 6:47 am

I thought I'd try to touch on the main question you posted

It seems like hes moved on at the moment according to the way I feel when I see his picture. His picture makes me feel
cold but there is also a feeling of the past that indicates he wasn't always this way and isn't still, however something
is making him act in a particular manner. It seems like hes experienced some trauma or loss which is causing him to
cut ties with people he knew. It seems as though he doesn't uncaring, he seems caring down inside but on the exterior
he can push people away sometimes, however with enough digging he can show that side to people. It appears as though you may not see that come out immediately but will see that part of him shine sometimes during certain situations.

I see a road with this person, travel, feel sand and heat. I see a night scape near a city, an image of lights shining
in a darkness like a city would be lit up at night time. I see traveling west, perhaps to the desert? I also see him
taking up a new job, not sure if hes had issues with cops or if hes trying to be a cop as I see an image of them,
and putting something in an ear. At the moment it feels as if hes moved on but he stil has a soft side underneath
that exterior that still cares.

I feel there is some weight on your shoulders regarding bills, I see action of making and receiving calls these seem related to healthcare and bills,
I do feel there is some worry in your life but your attitude is quite resilient, you resist it and keep pushing forward
sometimes you can stop and feel like its a struggle but you get your bearings straight and push onward. I feel like
you're waiting to hear news from something, any day now it seems however it seems like you must travel to a building
which feels like a social / public building to find out information. I feel you're seeking some security in your life
at the moment. It seems like you take after your mom. I see an image of yourself in front of a mirror, and it feels
like your back hurts or stings, I see palms on the sink and just breathing or thinking. It just looks as though you could
be getting things together. I feel you're a protective sort of person to you child, which is a good feeling.

I see man who deals in business which feels to my top right, I hear the sound of a city when I think
or focus on him, he seems to have your best interest at heart, could be a dad like person. I see him now in a suite,
it seems like he is offering something but seems distant, perhaps he could help out your situation but reaching out
to this person would be like opening the past, a door you could have shut before. However it seems as though this person
has real world experience in what it takes to survive.

I feel you could have a lady friend who is busy herself but finds time to call or check up on you. I'm not sure
if you know any theresa sounding names but I heard something like that. This person seems distant or busy at the moment
however but I do see a kid sitting in front of a t.v when focusing on this person. It seems like they can help out a
few nights, there is the smallest hint of childcare feeling here that could be worth checking into. Seems babysitting
related. I see with this person hands being washed, busy, cleaning type, she doesn't appear to talk much just moving around
in a hurried pace.

I feel the thought of school could have crossed your mind but it doesn't seem like at present the circumstances allow
it easily, maybe online schooling. I see 1.4 and feel this could represent a change coming down the line in a year or year and a half regarding
education and training. I do feel like you could make an impact pursuing the help of other mothers. I feel you're strong
willed and will work out the situation on your won but you could feel free to get help from those around you in this regards

I feel as though if your get your hands dirtier in more work you can find a spot where you'll be ahead of the
bills, enough to have a little nest egg of money that will sustain you. I see branches ahead of you with opportunities.
I feel to the right there will be man who is good with legal advice, that will give you information or point you
in a direction that you didn't know existed before, which will provide some relief from the finances. I hope this helps.

You have a good caring spirit, keep it up

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