Event: Picture Readings

Picture readings have been one of ABT's most popular long standing Chat Room Events. Anyone can attend read or submit a photo. This is where you submit a picture of a loved one that has passed. Members who want to participate on the day look and say what they feel from the photo.

Everyone can practice, whether you feel you are psychic or not simply say what you 'get'. You may surprise yourself re:accuracy. Novice picture readers have accurately "picked up" on much and the feedback is sometimes quite amazing.

How It Works

By drawing on the energies that surround the photo we may be able to view past, present and future influences.

Body language, facial expression, background, clothes and first impressions can tell a lot about personality traits, feelings and thoughts of those that have past on.

5-12 readers focus on the pictures and type in a Private Message (PM) their first impressions or thoughts on the subject(s) in the picture.

These mini readings will be posted in the main channel, one-at-a-time, so the picture owners can comment and offer feedback to each of the readers. This feedback is IMPORTANT for those who are practicing, but time is limited and a couple sentences each is all we can afford.

Picture Reading Comments